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by Matthew Escosia
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By: Abegail Genova


The lip is a part of our face for functions of food intake, articulation of sounds and even expressing affection. As much as we do maintenance for other parts of the body, lips also need care. According to The Derm Review, if the lips are not kept healthy, we may experience difficulty in speaking or eating. Scabby, dry and peeling lips could lead to bleeding and infection; visually, this may end up looking unattractive and could leave you uncomfortable in social situations. This is where lip care comes in.

Unlike other forms of skin care that may take long periods of treatment, lip care can be done in a few moments and be a natural part of your daily routine. So how do we keep them healthy?


Keep it moisturized

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The skin of our lip is thin that it tends to dry out quicker. This is why keeping it moisturized is a must to keep it healthy. For this, one will need the use of a lip balm. Lip balms contain wax-based ingredients and usually include Vitamin E, helping with moisturization. Keep-healthy recommends using natural-based products over flavored and scented lip balms.

Applying lip balm constantly on a daily basis especially before going outdoors is a good habit.



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As lips are also inefficient with retaining moisture, there are times that chapped lips would really occur, and so you will need exfoliation to mend this and smoothen out your lips.

It is recommended by healthline to exfoliate the lips twice a week but no more than that to avoid irritation. To exfoliate your lips, you will need an exfoliating ingredient partnered with an emollient.One example is the use of sugar-honey scrub; simply mix an equal portion of sugar into honey, wet your lip with water and use a cotton swab to gently rub the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion. Wipe off excess exfoliator and apply a moisturizing lip balm after.

If honey is not available for you, you also use petroleum jelly as your emollient and a toothbrush to exfoliate it.


Stay Hydrated

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Another important thing to do to help your lips stay moisturized is to avoid dehydration. According to healthkart dehydration is one of the causes of chapped lips. They reflect how our body is in need of hydration. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day – drink water! Not only will it keep them moisturized but it will also be good for the body overall.

That’s all you have to do to keep your lips healthy! Moisturize, exfoliate and most importantly, stay hydrated!



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