Don Bosco Mandaluyong Develops Low-Cost Ventilators and Aerosol Boxes

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Juan Carlos Sevilla


Since the COVID19 pandemic struck the Philippines, hospitals had a hard time sourcing medical equipment due to influx of COVID19 patients. As a result, they had reach out to the government and several institutions to ask for help in aiding their declining medical supplies.

Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) in Mandaluyong City, together with its alumni, rose to the occasion and heed the call of our frontliners. Father Chito Dimaranan, Rector of DBTC, has thought of ways on how to help the community and the frontliners. Given the technical skills and capabilities of the school, which Don Bosco known for, Father Chito, together with the school’s alumni, decided to create medical equipment such as low-cost ventilators.

The ventilators are being used to aid COVID19 patients in critical condition due to their difficulty in breathing. According to the Department of Health there are only 1,263 ventilators in the country because these ventilators are expensive and is cost up to P600,00 in commercial establishments. DBTC graduates on the other hand have designed and created a low-cost version of this which would only cost them P40,000 to manufacture a unit. DBTC together with its alumni targeted to create 1,000 low-cost ventilators and has named it as Spiritus Vitae or Breath of Life.

According to Mr. Enrico Paringit, executive director of Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technologies Research and Development of DOST (DOST PCIEERD), the low-cost ventilators will undergo thorough testing and will be endorsed to FDA for certification.

Photo from Fr. Chito Dimaranan

Aside from the low-cost ventilators, DBTC has also created its own Aerosol Boxes for hospital use. The Aerosol Boxes are made of acrylic or transparent sheets and being used in the hospital to lessen the contact between the patient and the medical staff. One can now normally see the aerosol boxes in hospitals as a precaution to limit the exposure to the virus. According to Father Chito, “Aerosol Boxes are being donated to those who cannot pay for them. Cost price per box is about P2,500, but most of them were donated to doctors working in hospitals who asked for it.”

Photo from Don Bosco Technical College Website

Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong City has been one of many institutions that helped the community after the declaration of Enhanced Community Quarantine in NCR. The school is also donating food and other essentials to the community and is still accepting help from those who want to donate. According to the financial report of the Office of the Rector, DBTC – as of May 1, 2020 they have raised P1,518,282.18 and were able to release P938,829.04 for donation.


For in-kind donations, you may directly address it to:

Don Bosco Technical College

736 General Kalentong St.

Mandaluyong City

For cash donations, you may deposit to:

Vitaliano S. Dimaranan

BPI: 3089-0522-61

Pro Deo et Patria!


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