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by Matthew Escosia
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By: Godfreyna Canja


The ongoing community quarantine has left most of us with a lot of free time in our hands. Nearing almost three months indoors, we probably have tried almost everything we could find to keep ourselves occupied, be it cleaning the house multiple times, trying out online challenges, starting a new hobby— or failing to do any of those and end up binging shows on Netflix for hours on end. Not to mention that we tend to eat a lot because of being stagnant at home, let’s be honest, we’re getting a little worried that we might be putting on weight after all the snacking!

While binge watching and eating may keep us entertained, it tends to leave us doing fewer physical activities. Don’t let the quarantine stop you from being active and staying fit and healthy! These days, the world has proven that anything can be done with the power of internet and Zoom calls!

Zoom is a cloud platform that provides videotelephony and online chat services. The platform has gained more traction since the world has been on lockdown. From companies continuing their operations and meetings through Zoom calls to students attending their online classes though video conferencing, Zoom has helped a lot of us to continue doing our work efficiently even with the restrictions we’re experiencing right now.

A lot of us have been worrying that without our regular trips to the gym and our Zumba sessions, coupled with our never-ending snacking at our homes, we are getting a bit worried about our figures! With Zoom, even staying fit and active is possible with the online Zumba classes and sessions or Zoomba!

According to Joan from Manila who organized a Zoomba with her friends, it was definitely fun and helped her get the rhythm of a regular exercise!

So for the mommies, titas and fitness gals and even guys who miss their morning Zumba exercises, no need to worry because they can still participate in ZoomBa classes online!

Live Love Party PH recently organized a Virtual Zumba during a Mother’s Day special activity about Mommies keeping themselves healthy and fit! They also have regular Zumba sessions via Zoom led by the Live Love Party PH Family! For more information about their virtual Zumba sessions visit their facebook page Live Love Party!

Photos from Live Love Party PH

Madelle Paltu-ob is a former member of the two-time World Hip Hop Dance Champions, the Philippine All-stars, a fitness enthusiast and a Zumba® Education Specialist. She also co-founded Live Love Party PH! Together with her husband Prince Paltu-ob, they founded Brewing Point Dance Studio and conducts many virtual Zumba lessons through their online portal! Check out BP Dance Studio to know more about their awesome dance sessions!

Photos from Madelle Paltu-ob facebook profile

Surge Fitness Gym may be closed during quarantine but through their FREE online Zumba sessions, you can still make sure you stay in shape! Surge Fitness Gym is the first and only Filipino gym franchise and the quarantine hasn’t stopped them from helping people stay fit and healthy right now! They are offering several fitness classes online via Zoom— all for FREE! So you can even try out their Yoga classes! Check out their next classes on their facebook page Surge Fitness.

Photos from Surge Fitness

The quarantine should not be an excuse for us to neglect our physical fitness and overall wellness! There are many things we could do to keep ourselves active and healthy during our time indoors, why not take out your leggings or shorts, comfy shirts and rubber shoes and start grooving to music and pump out those Zumba moves!

Will you sign up for virtual Zumba now? Tell us more about it on the comments below!


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