Thank You: A Song for Frontliners in Laos

by Matthew Escosia
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 By: Juan Carlos Sevilla


COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and this is true most especially for the medical frontliners. The hospitals have seen patients coming in more than they can accommodate. If there are tons of lessons we have learned throughout this pandemic, the most significant would be — life is precious.

Video from Aluna Thavonsouk’s Facebook Page

People around the world have their own ways to support the people in the frontline. In Laos, an artist named Aluna Thavonsouk expressed her gratitude towards frontliners in a song she composed entitled “Thank You”.

Her song was inspired by the Lao frontliners and help from other countries, who work days and nights to save lives. “I remembered I cried so much over the melody and words (they were proud tears, thank you tears that remember all Frontline heroes around the world),” Aluna said in her interview with SEA Wave magazine. Her video earned praises online from people of Laos and other neighboring countries.

(Photo from the music video of “Thank You” by Aluna Thavonsouk)

According to Aluna, the frontliners are the true heroes as they are sacrificing and saving lives amidst the pandemic. “To all medical Frontline teams around the globe, Khorbjai! (Thank you!). You are the true heroes. We stand by you,” said Aluna. Also, she commended the help from other countries as they send their own doctors and nurses to Laos. If given a chance, she would want to perform a song for their efforts, together with fellow Lao artists.

As the world continues to battle the pandemic, she reminded everyone to be patient and see the silver linings in this tough time. “Be patient to the situation, be kind to one and another, ask ourselves what lessons can we learn from this crisis? Because we all can be the change that we want to see and especially when we stand together as one.” said Aluna.

(“Thank You” cover by JoJo Miracle)

Her song has also inspired people in Laos, including several other artists, as they made their own version of the song and uploaded in social media.


SEA Wave magazine’s SEAtizens initiative is a series of inspiring stories of people in Southeast Asia who champion the human spirit by demonstrating courage, ingenuity, generosity, and selflessness amidst the current crisis.


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