90’s Anime Hit “Ghost Fighter” to Arrive on Netflix

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Juan Carlos Sevilla


We’re pretty sure that most 90’s kids have screamed ‘Raygun’ back then. There’s another reason for 90’s babies to stay at home with ‘Yuyu Hakusho’, best known as ‘Ghostfighter’, arriving in Netflix on June 26!

The Anime series first aired in 1992 from the adaptation of the manga series of Yoshihiro Togashi. ‘Ghostfighter’ first aired in the Philippines on GMA Network in 1999 and became popular among kids during that time for its storyline.

The story is about a teenager named Yusuke Urameshi (“Eugene” in the Philippines), who was hit by a car trying to save a child and was given another chance to live by becoming a “Spirit Detective”. Through his journey being a Spirit Detective, he met the “Ghostfighter” gang.

Kazume Kuwabara aka “Alfred”

Alfred is the classmate of Eugene, who happens to be his sidekick in his tough missions. He is famous for his orange-dyed hair that matches his Reiken (“Spirit Sword”), an ability he learned during a competition.

Kurama aka “Dennis”

Dennis is a Fox demon who specialized in undoing seals and stealing ancient treasures before meeting Eugene and Alfred. He is famous for his ability to transform into a fox, Minamino Shuichi and rose that turns into a whip.

Hiei aka “Vincent”

Vincent was introduced as one of the three wanted demons alongside with Dennis and a former partner “Goki”. He is famous for his “Conjuring Blade”, a sword that turns anyone into a demon and “Evil Eye” on his forehead that gives him clairvoyance and the ability to control demons and humans at a glance.

Yuyu Hakusho will be added to Netflix’s line-up of popular anime series along with Naruto, Bleach, and HunterXHunter.

Who is your favorite Yuyu Hakusho/Ghostfighter character? Comment below!

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