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by Matthew Escosia
Merry Berry
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Now that we’ve been staying indoors for quite a while, our focus has inevitably shifted to our personal health. Most of us have our own routines to stay fit and healthy – from exercising regularly to taking vitamins and supplements. But the easiest way to maintain our health is to get nutrients the natural way – eating. Fruits offer the same amount of nutrients as vitamins and supplements, and one of the fruits gaining popularity nowadays are berries. Not only do they have amazing health benefits, but they’re also delicious and versatile, making them a great addition to any meal.

Merry Berry PH is an online store that advocates for berries as a complement to a healthy, fit and fun lifestyle. They believe that berries are a guilt-free treat that makes being healthy simple and enjoyable. You get to experience all the benefits of a fun and healthy lifestyle while savoring on fruity goodness.

So how do berries make you merry? Let’s hear it from Merry Berry PH’s patrons:

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“Berries are perfect substitute to my sweet cravings”

SEA Wave Merry Berry PH

Liezl Montemayor-Razon, mother of three, has a sweet tooth and would previously experience migraines after consuming sweets. During one of her checkups, her doctor told her that one of the potential triggers for her migraine are sweets. After that, she made a conscious effort to lessen her cravings for cookies and cakes by turning to berries as a healthier substitute. “I love berry smoothies as a healthy and yummy substitute to my sugary snacks,” said Liezl, who is now a regular customer of Merry Berry to help curb her sweet tooth.

Health Check: Berries are a good substitute to sinful sweets because they are rich in anthocyanins – a water-soluble pigment which is reported to be helpful in prevention of diabetes. A study by University of Maryland Eastern Shore in the US suggests that “incorporating blueberries in the diet may lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (T2DM).”


“Berries help me achieve a healthier lifestyle after surviving cancer”

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Maribel Lazo-Lu has made a commitment to have a healthier lifestyle after surviving cancer and going through one of the most challenging moments for her and her family. One of her commitments to herself is to regularly drink a glass of freshly blended frozen berry smoothie as an afternoon snack. Prior to committing to the habit, she saw several studies suggesting that berries are rich in antioxidants that protect cells from damage and help the body stay away from diseases. With the help of berries to complement her healthier lifestyle, Maribel is deeply grateful to share that she has been cancer-free for 6 years now. “With a good balance of everyday exercise and healthy food choices like berries from Merry Berry, I know and I feel that I am at my healthiest now at 68 and a proud Lola to 5 grandchildren,” she shared.

Health Check: A research conducted by the Department of General Biochemistry of University of Lodz in Poland said that “berries and their by-products (i.e., berry juice and jam) are very often recognized as ‘superfoods.’ They possess high concentrations of phenolic compounds, which have been found in studies to possess a range of biological activities, including anticancer and antiplatelet activities, as well as antioxidant properties.”


“Berries help my body recover after a long day”

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Treexee Dela Merced-Betia shares that her active lifestyle is complemented by the regular intake of berries. “My day is not complete without it (berries), since it keeps me active from my day to day activities and yoga practice. It gives me strength and inner happiness. I can feel that it is good for my mind and body!” Upon finding out that berries help muscles recover after strenuous activities, Treexee became a customer of Merry Berry and incorporated the fruit to her diet. She also added that her well-being is a testament to the power of berries. “As time goes by, the longer you take them, the more you will see the benefits,” said Treexee.

Health Check: A research by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research suggests that “blueberry fruit has polyphenolics that can suppress fatigue and oxidative stress-induced muscle damage, as well as oxidative stress in several tissues. Consumption of blueberries can also improve blood pressure and reduce arterial stiffness through increase in nitric oxide production.” Thus, it is a perfect complement after a “berry” intense workout!

Being healthy requires the right balance of regular exercise and healthy food intake, but it also needs to be a lifestyle that you can commit to in the long run and makes you feel good about yourself. In Merry Berry, we believe that adding a few cups of berries to your everyday diet will help make a healthy lifestyle possible, just as how it had been for Liezl, Maribel and Treexee.

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Want to try the “berry” healthy lifestyle for yourself? Order frozen berries from Merry Berry PH by visiting their Facebook (Merry Berry PH) and Instagram (@merryberryph) pages.


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