High Five Summer-Themed Instagram Filters

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter
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By: Monique Espino


Summer is definitely here. Everyone is feeling the heat and wants to cool down at the beach or go on a road trip with friends, but with the pandemic still in full swing, it’s better and much safer to spend summer indoors. With the aid of technology, we can still spend time with friends by joining watch parties, catching up on video calls, playing online games together and the like. But how can we inject that summer feel in our daily lives without going out? We’ll if you miss the bright green tropical trees, the sparkling blue beach and the wild yellow of the summer sun, then we’re here to help. We’ve prepared a High Five summer-themed Instagram filter list to help you feel the summer vibe and take some fun photos from the safety of your home.

Ice Cream Lovers

SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter

Is the summer heat bothering you? Well if you’re up for a cold snack (that you can’t really physically eat), try out the Ice Cream Lovers filter from The Museum of Ice Cream. This filter makes an ice cream magically appear in front of your mouth for some much-needed cooling sweetness. Open your mouth and see what effects this fun filter has in store for you. Take a chill pill and get it here.

Summer Mood

SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter

If you already have a summer-worthy view at home – whether it’s in your backyard, living room, or even at your kitchen – then try using this filter by Instagram user daniele_paterno. Just point your camera at the Instagram-worthy scene and wait for the word “summer” to appear on your screen in palm-tree inspired design. This filter also makes everything look more vibrant for that authentic feel under the summer sun. So get your home IG-ready and get the Summer Mood filter here.

Palm Trees

SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter

Sometimes you miss the sweet summer breeze, and sometimes you just need a really good themed border filter. Try out Palm Trees created by Instagram user rafasampaio.s to give any photo that added tropical vibe. Preparing breakfast? Going out for errands? Just chilling on a couch? Take a photo and add the Palm Trees filter to make it instantly summery. So practice your poses and get the filter here.


SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter

Most people can’t wait to go out and head to the beach, but in the meantime you would have to settle for the Carribean Sea Instagram filter from Instagram user alex_premoli, complete with palm trees, white sands and cerulean waters. Get the filter here.

Swimming Pool

SEA Wave - Instagram Summer Filter 5

Not in the mood for the beach? Do you just miss the cozy feel of a hotel staycation? Then beat the heat by taking a dip at a pool with a gorgeous city view. You’re in luck because you can check out the Swimming Pool background IG filter by the Hatten Hotel. Spend a day poolside and try it here.

We hope these Instagram filters will keep you entertained or will at least give you and your friends a few laughs as we wait for the day when we’ll get the chance to bask in the warm summer glow. Keep safe and stay cool with these virtual interactions for now.

Which summer-themed Instagram filter did you like best? Do you have other Instagram filters that you use this summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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