Axie Infinity: More than just a cute game

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Axie Infinity
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By: Shane Macalanda


Online video games such as Valorant, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and many more, even making a game stream have been the trend since the pandemic but Axie Infinity is spreading like a wildfire. The new trend online game, axie infinity, is partially owned and operated by its players. Players breed, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies.  It allows players to earn income through non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies by playing a video game. Pokemon and CryptoKitties were used as inspiration.

Recently, 23-year old Ian Tria announced on social media about how the pandemic ruined his plans, and how Axie helps him and his family financially. He posted pictures of the things he bought by just playing a video game.

SEA Wave - Axie Infinity

Credits to Arit Gaming

In an interview with Ian tria, he said that he first discovered axie through his friend’s facebook story saying that she was able to earn money by playing a video game.

“I discovered axie infinity when I saw one of my friend’s facebook stories saying that she was able to earn more than her monthly salary just by playing a game. Out of curiosity, I asked her about that, then she introduced me to Axie infinity.”

He added that he didn’t think of that as a scam and that he immediately asked someone to lend him 10 thousand for him to buy a pure breed axis. He even shared that he just recently bought a car using the money he earned from Axie Infinity.

Another student who believed in the potential of the game, Jericho Almario, 21 years old who happens to be a scholar first before buying his own team. Almario mentioned that he first met Axie on Facebook, however, he didn’t have enough capital to have his own team so he started applying as a scholar. Scholars are the one who share accounts with the owner and get paid according to how frequent they play.  Until he got enough money to buy for his own team, almario now helps his friends by putting them as Scholars. Since, putting his friends as scholars is one of his goals.

Almario has now 3 teams and still has plans on buying more to put more scholars since he believes so much in the game.

“I now have 3 scholars from my friends and have my own team. There are lots of people who’re still waiting to be scholars and that is my plan, to have more scholars because I believe that the game has potential.”

SEA Wave - Axie Infinity

Photo from Axie Infinity

The majority of people are unaware that video games may be used to make money but the success of the stories are out of this world.  Who would have thought that the money you earned from playing a game can buy expensive things and help other people. Insane but true.

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