Meet ‘Number One’ – Dunkin’ Philippines first-ever robot server

by SEA Wave
SEA Wave - Dunkin Philippines Robot Server
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By: Niel Lajot


The future is here as Dunkin’ unveiled “Number One”, its first-ever robot server. This unique mechanized server can be found in the donut and coffee shop’s North Edsa, Rockwell, Aurora, and Eastwood branches, serving Filipino customers creatively and quickly.

SEA Wave - Dunkin Philippines Robot Server

Photo from Dunkin’ Facebook page

“How does Number One work?” you might wonder. The process is straightforward enough – just place your order with the cashier (who, in case anybody is wondering, is still human). You’re then assigned a seat in the restaurant, and Number One arrives with your orders.

Innovative automated solutions like these have been cropping up all around the world to improve and liven up our overall dining experience. Japan’s Genki Sushi has an automated express train modeled after the Shinkansen, which brings orders direct to customers’ tables. McDonald’s in Chicago is testing a drive-thru service that makes use of artificial intelligence software to take orders. Closer to home, robot baristas in Singapore are expected to serve gourmet coffee in MRT stations by the end of 2022.

There is currently no information on whether other Dunkin’ branches will receive Number One units or if more robots will be deployed in each store.

SEA Wave - Dunkin Philippines Robot Server

Photo from Dunkin’ Facebook page

Would you want Number One to serve you? What are your thoughts on automated technology to improve the dining experience? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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