GMA News brings the biggest Eleksyon 2022 coverage online

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - ELEKSYON 2022
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GMA News Online (GNO), the official news portal of the country’s leading broadcast company GMA Network, brings the biggest Eleksyon 2022 coverage online.

Led by the award-winning team of GMA News and Public Affairs Digital Media, GMA News Online delivers the fastest, most relevant, and most accurate election-related news and content straight to online users everywhere. These include more than 173 million followers and subscribers of GMA News and Public Affairs’ social media platforms via its interactive Eleksyon 2022 website powered by the Network’s forerunner in technology, GMA New Media, Inc. (GMA NMI).

Eleksyon 2022 website

The website provides the public with information and intuitive tools to guide them before, during, and after the polls.
The Candidates Profile page contains in-depth information about the candidates for president, vice president, and senators, compiled by GMA News Research.

The Debates page features videos and stories from the debates and interviews for Eleksyon 2022, including “The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews.”

SEA Wave - Eleksyon 2022 Homepage

The Voter’s Profile and Demographics dashboard shows the demographic breakdown and geographic profile of the registered voters for the 2022 Philippine national and local elections, with data coming from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). Users can choose a specific location, and the dashboard will display its data.

Meanwhile, the Guides page houses content related to guides and tools to help Filipino voters choose the right candidates. These include voter education materials, candidates’ stand on issues, and similar information that voters will find useful.

With mobile devices prohibited in the precincts, voters can count on GMA News Online’s My Kodigo feature. Customizable, “My Kodigo” lets a voter select his preferred candidates and generate a printable list to serve as a guide inside the polling precinct.

SEA Wave - E22 MyKodigo

GMA News’ election microsite is easily accessible to TV viewers as well via the Eleksyon QR Code. During GMA newscasts, a QR code appears on TV, which, when scanned, leads to the website of Eleksyon 2022.

Educating voters across GMA digital platforms

In the weeks leading up to the elections, the digital explanatory journalism program “Need To Know” created three special series for voters’ education: Stand on Issues, the Disinformation Series, and Election Basics. Meanwhile, the pioneering digital newscast “Stand for Truth” produced In Review, a seven-part series that highlights the status of the country’s sectors and how the government addresses their struggles.

In April, GMA began the Dapat Totoo Lectures, an exclusive series of webinars for student volunteers for the network’s election coverage. The lectures tackle the role of journalism and social media in delivering news and fighting misinformation during this crucial time. Panelists were led by award-winning journalists Howie Severino, Raffy Tima, and Emil Sumangil, Kapuso celebrities Bianca Umali and Rain Matienzo, and officials from social media platforms TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

SEA Wave - eLeksyon 2022 quiz filter

To bring voters’ education to Gen Z audiences, GNO created the Eleksyon 2022 quiz filter, the first augmented reality (AR) quiz filter produced in partnership with GMA NMI. Since it launched last March, the #eLeksyon2022 quiz filter has reached over 69,500 organic Facebook and Instagram users. Kapuso personalities led by Jessica Soho, Vicky Morales, Severino, Atom Araullo, Kara David, Kuya Kim Atienza, and Pia Arcangel tried the #eLeksyon2022quiz filter. Kapuso stars like Rhian Ramos, Andrea Torres, Umali, Ken Chan, and Rita Daniela also joined the challenge.

This April, GMA launches the #DapatTotooDanceChallenge on Tiktok. Influencers and dancers published their dance challenge entries. To date, the #DapatTotooDanceChallenge hashtag gained more than 1.9 million views already. Ahead of the elections, a new set of TikTok challenges will be launched, this time for TikTok musicians and singers. #PanataDuetChallenge will include a birit duet challenge and open verse challenge.

On May 9, as the country elects its next set of leaders, GMA is one with every Filipino in safeguarding their votes as it brings real-time and up-to-the-minute election results. In partnership with the COMELEC, GMA News Online and GMA NMI will publish data from the national and local elections as soon as these are available on COMELEC’s media server.
Netizens can also catch the live stream of GMA’s Eleksyon 2022 coverage on GMA News Online.

In the Eleksyon 2016 Presidential Elections, GMA News Online was the most preferred online go-to source for election results and election-related news, outperforming competition with 34 million pageviews on May 9, according to data from Effective Measure for worldwide audience.

Visit for all election-related news and information.

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