Eco-friendly Bubble Mailers: How These College Students Started a Movement for Sustainable Packaging

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Luntian Philippines
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By: Jia Jarin


How many online orders have you received this week? Though retail therapy boosts our dopamine levels, it comes with many sheets of single-use plastic packaging. To address this urgent issue, these five entrepreneurship students in De La Salle University revolutionized the compostable bubble mailer: a sustainable solution for parcels and online shopping orders, designed in just 180 days.

What started as a business thesis for their course, founders Lyanne Sy, Nicole Bugarin, Janna Pablo, Jericho Lo, and Tim Oscaris are now leading Luntian Philippines (Lunas ang Tinig ng Animo) — the first local business that sells sustainable packaging. As of May 2022, Luntian PH has sold over 9,900 pieces of their parcel pouches.

Their bubble mailer innovation offers the greener choice for both business owners and online shoppers through the packaging’s eco-friendly materials. The external layer is enveloped with kraft paper while the inner bubble wrap is made with bioplastics (PBAT and PLA) and cornstarch which reduces its decomposing cycle in just 6 to 12 months (in composting bins).

SEA Wave - Luntian Philippines

Luntian Philippines’ eco-friendly bubble mailers. Photos from Luntian Philippines Facebook Page.

According to Green Citizen, it takes at most 1,000 years to decompose plastic bubble wrap. While converting at least 1% of online sellers to consider sustainable packaging may deem tiny compared to the 99%, Luntian Philippines believes in creating positive change one step forward at a time (or in their terms, 1% at a time). With their product, they have made sustainability more accessible, and easier for Filipinos to practice.

“E-commerce is already the norm but we don’t have to settle with the current problematic packaging practices especially if there is a more sustainable way of doing business. Luntian is more than just selling packaging materials— We put in the work and heart in opening the door to a powerful choice that every Filipino entrepreneur could avail,” Co-founder Janna Pablo said in Luntian Philippines’ advocacy video.

In a SEA Wave magazine exclusive interview, co-founder Lyanne Sy stressed the importance of being socially responsible with the influence they have: “A step is still a one step forward, and everyone around you will see your initiative and it gives them awareness and maybe they will be inspired to join in the movement. Don’t be afraid to take a step towards change,” she said.

Luntian Philippines’ bubble mailers are available in small, medium, and large sizes with a starting price of 16 pesos. You can spend less and avail discounts by purchasing their bubble mailer bundles or starter kits. Luntian Philippines is also continuously partnering with online business owners for the promotion of eco-friendlier choices in their operations.

Those interested in bulk orders, speaking engagements, or partnerships may also reach out through or their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

For more information about Luntian Philippines and their advocacies, you can check out their website at

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