“Are You Free This Weekend?”: Unique Ideas for An Unforgettable Date across South East Asia

Want to impress that special someone? Bring your date on an unforgettable experience across South East Asia

by SEA Wave
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By: Gabrielle Belmonte

After taking the courageous step of asking someone out, the next challenge is planning a date that truly stands out. While a nice dinner at a restaurant can be enjoyable, it is rarely unforgettable. To truly get to know someone, you need to stop the tension and awkwardness by trying unconventional dates that spark interesting conversations and create lasting memories.

Of all the places in the world, Southeast Asia is the perfect place for unconventional dates due to its rich cultural diversity, breathtaking natural landscapes, and vibrant urban settings. Whether you’re exploring bustling night markets, relaxing on pristine beaches, or immersing yourselves in historical sites, Southeast Asia’s charm and variety make it an ideal backdrop for dates that go beyond the ordinary. 

If you live in Southeast Asia, then here are a few date ideas that may suit you best when getting to know someone.

Long Chats and Beautiful Sights 

Long talks are undoubtedly a must for any date to be fruitful, but you don’t always have to do it in the most conventional setting. Getting out of that stuffy restaurant and seeing the world around you would definitely bring a broader range of conversations you can have. 

Photo from Cafe Letefoho

Starting with the basics, coffee addicts can first level up that average coffee date.  Go on a coffee tour in Letefoho, a local cafe in Timor Leste that creates their coffee bean to cup. Learn more about your favorite drink, get a few samples in, and get to know your date in a different environment. 

Photo by Mark Wiens

Kampong Ayer in Brunei gives you the most scenic boat ride. Perfect for any romantic who loves diving into deep conversations, a tour around the world’s largest water village would give you a lot of alone time to share more about your life while learning more about Brunei’s living history. 

Photo from Myanmar Ahla Gallery

Apart from basking in nature, you could also admire your date’s art like beauty at an Art Exhibition. Wandering through exhibitions is the perfect example of a place to share your passion over something. Myanmar Ahla Gallery presents local artists of varying styles. With their quiet hallways and curious displays, conversations are intimate and never lagging. 

Photo from Singapore Visa

While it’s acceptable to compare your date to art, kindly refrain from comparing them to anything you might find in this next date idea. The Singapore Zoo has become one of the many attractions the country has to offer. Dubbed the world’s best rainforest for its open concept environment, strolling around this zoo is a great place to share your love for nature and animals.

Learn New Things Together and Build Teamwork  

Beyond unique places, odd activities are definitely a plus. If you have fun learning new things, these are the date ideas for you.

Photo from Viator

Photo from Viator

Whether you’re talented at it or not, dancing is definitely a way to get to know your partner. While there are so many different dances to learn, traditional Thai dance classes are available around Wat Arun in Thailand. Whether you impress each other with amazing moves or laugh together trying to understand them, dancing will break the tension before you go out for a stroll or a bite near the beautiful Temple of Dawn.

Photo from Pelago

If dancing isn’t for you–well, people always said that food is the way to the heart. Learn more about food and cooking at Penang, Malaysia. A cooking class covers everything from picking produce in the market to cooking and preparing the food. Let’s face it, being in the kitchen can be really fun or extremely stressful. Cooking would undoubtedly tell you much about your date while satisfying the foodie in you.

Photo from Thang Long Opera Hotel

A more calming experience is a pottery class in Vietnam’s Bat Trang Pottery Village.  Bat Trang has been known for its production of beautiful ceramics and traditional pottery since the 11th century, and passes the knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn. Though a first date might not be the appropriate time for a Swayze-Moore-Ghost scene, crafting allows you to see your date’s patience and creativity. A lovely bonus is the work you get to take home as a keepsake of the date! 

Bring Out Your Inner Child and Have Fun

One of the biggest issues of first dates is how tense you can be. Going to places that actively encourage competition and goofiness could be just what you need to break the ice. 

Photo from Flickr

Light hearted fun is definitely what you sign up for when you go to a 3D museum like Art in Island in Manila, Philippines. Wacky poses and all, you get to know your date’s goofy side before sitting down in its many surrounding restaurants for deeper conversations. 

Photo from Pegasus Karting

More competitive spirits also have fun with go kart. Relive and bring to life your childhood days of playing racing video games. Pegasus Karting is Indonesia’s largest indoor go-kart track that would surely leave you with smiles on your faces even as the date ends. 

Photo from Khmer Times

Photo from Khmer Times

If that isn’t enough for you, an amusement park with a wide range of fun activities might be your best bet. The Prince Manor Resort in Phnom Penh, Cambodia has many activities in its park such as a ferris wheel, biking, go karts, water parks, and bumper cars! There is no end to the fun activities you can do. 

Photo from Be On the Road

Adventure is found beyond the indoors of course. Nearby eco-adventure spots are great for adrenaline junkies looking for an exciting partner. Vang Vieng is Laos’ adventure mecca, presenting activities such as hiking, kayaking, cave exploring, motor gliding and more.  

Take the Chance 

While conventional dates can be pleasant, they often lack the depth and excitement needed to truly get to know someone. By embracing unconventional date ideas, such as exploring beautiful sights, learning new things together, or enjoying childlike fun, you can create memorable experiences that foster deeper connections. So, why not step outside the ordinary and embark on an adventure of discovery with your date?

Do you have unconventional date ideas of your own? Share it with us in the comments section!


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