Excellence and the City: How five PH cities became inspiration for many in their combat against Coronavirus

by Matthew Escosia
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As Luzon enters its second week under ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) due to COVID-19, the Philippine national government and other local institutions are working 24/7 strategizing the necessary ways to fight the spread of the virus.

Local Government Units (LGUs) of some cities in the region, on the other hand, are also being applauded for their great work making sure their people are safe and secure amid several restrictions from the ECQ. These High Five cities (in no particular order), headed by their respective LGUs, proved to stand among the rest and have became inspiration for many in their commitment fighting this pandemic.


1. Pasig City (Headed by Mayor Vico Sotto)

vico sotto pasig city mayor

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto. Photo courtesy of Pasig City PIO

Despite having one of the worst traffic conditions in the Philippines, Pasig City proved that their emergency response team is ready and efficiently adaptive to any necessary protocols against COVID-19 since day one. Its government has been known to disinfect key areas such as the City Hall, annexes, schools, and the Mega Market every day, one of the many testaments the city has been committed in doing for this event.

It took a man like Mayor Vico Sotto, someone brimming with a strong sense of empathy and connection to his people to make something as controlled as this to happen. As of writing, Sotto has been on-hand to Pasig City’s street disinfection through drone technology, numerous checkpoints, passing essential ordinances such as the Anti-Panic Buying and Hoarding Ordinance, distribution of emergency kits, a mobile palengke to avoid crowd build-up from mass markets, and transportation for all frontliners.


2. Manila (Headed by Mayor Isko Moreno)

isko moreno manila mayor

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. Photo courtesy of Manila PIO.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is the most vocal with his programs for his city. In the previous months, his social media accounts showed his team’s various efforts in reinventing the city one initiative at a time.

Moreno and his team’s fight against COVID-19 are no different. Manila was one of the first few cities to announce enhanced community quarantine, imposing curfews to discourage residents from going out and stay at their own homes. In a short time, Moreno has transformed the Sta. Ana Hospital into Manila Infectious Disease Control Center (MIDCC), one of the few medical centers in the Philippines ready and equipped for the medical response on COVID-19.

In addition, Moreno has coordinated with hotels/ motels in Manila to accommodate the frontliners for free, especially since public transportation are halted during the ECQ period. Over 500 rooms are given for the frontliners working in Manila.


3. Marikina (Headed by Mayor Marcelino Teodoro)

marcelino teodoromarcelino teodoro marikina city mayor marikina city mayor

Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro. Photo courtesy of Marikina City PIO.

Upon the reports of the first five confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Marikina, Mayor Marcelino Teodoro and his team procured over 3,000 testing kits for distribution in hospitals.

Marikina has been conducting extensive disinfecting measures, which include decontamination tents that quickly disinfects people inside. They are currently working on Marikina Molecular Laboratory, a medical testing center for its residents and others in need of support in cases of any COVID-19 symptoms.


4. Cainta (Headed by Mayor Keith “Kit” Nieto)

kit nieto cainta mayor

Cainta City Mayor Keith Nieto. Photo courtesy of Cainta PIO.

Cainta has stepped up its safety measures immediately after the first confirmed report of a resident positive of COVID-19. Cainta Mayor Kit Nieto extended the suspension of classes, distributed face masks and safety kits to the community affected and those nearby, regularly disinfect frequently visited places, conducted a town-wide thermal scanning, provided gallons of alcohol disinfectant for free.

Nieto has been very active in making sure its residents, especially those in important need, are well supported. Recently, he was making rounds online for his distribution of vitamins to Cainta’s senior citizens, food stubs for the city residents, and milk rations for families with babies.


5. Valenzuela (Headed by Mayor Rex Gatchalian)

rex gatchalian valenzuela mayor

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian. Photo courtesy of Valenzuela City PIO.

Even before Valenzuela reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19, the city Mayor Rex Gatchalian and his team were working extensively to prevent the spread of the virus. They passed the “Anti-Hoarding and Anti-Panic Buying Ordinance of Valenzuela City,” an ordinance that forbade everyone to hoarding essential goods.

Part of the Valenzuela’s measures include extensive disinfection of key areas, distribution of necessary goods to every resident, and suspension of rent collection in public markets among many.


Agree? What are some of the LGUs worthy of being part of this list? Comment down and let’s discuss! Stay safe as always.


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