Hugs from a distance: Facebook gives you more hugs with the new care emojis

by SEA Wave
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By: Godfreyna Canja


With most of the world in quarantine and the strict implementation of social distancing, hugging and kissing our loved ones isn’t really advisable.  As humans are highly social beings, it is only natural that social media and other social networking sites have become the most essential entertainment and communication tool we use while staying indoors.

Facebook has become the platform where people come to get informed about the current things that are happening around the world, and it has also been the platform where people, friends and loved ones come together, communicate and keep in touch.

care emojis

Photo from Unsplash.

To show support for people in these difficult times, Facebook has announced that they will be adding new reaction emojis to help users show more solidarity and compassion during the pandemic.

The ‘care’ emojis will feature a hug react which is represented by an emoji hugging a heart, and a purple seemingly beating heart for the Messenger line of Facebook. For some people who are waiting for the emojis to roll out, they feel that it is a virtual way of showing their love, hug, or support to people even though we cannot be with them physically.

“We’re launching new Care reactions on Facebook app and Messenger as a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time,” said Alexandu Voica, Facebook’s Tech Communications Manager.

care emojis

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN.

Currently, there are 6,459 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines based on the recent data from the Department of Health, and in these troubling times, showing our care and support to those who may need it have become an important way for us to keep our spirits up and continue healing as one nation.

facebook care emojis

Photo courtesy of Tech Crunch.

What do you think of the new facebook ‘care” emojis? Let’s chat about it on the comments below!


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