Tita’s Paradise: 5 chill places you can enjoy with your amigas

by Matthew Escosia
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by  Shenielle Siy and Queenie Resmundo 

Do you give unsolicited advice to your friends and family members?

Do you comment about the size of your friend or family member or question when they’ll get married or have children?

Do you always have the things in your bag that your friends look for?

Do you prefer an afternoon tea over an evening partying with friends?

If you said yes to at least one of these questions, then you’re most likely a “tita.” Without reading through a dictionary, “Tita” as we all know is a Filipino word used for calling the biological sisters of our parents. Oftentimes, it’s an endearment for our pseudo-aunts at the very least.

However, this term has evolved in so many directions and is now associated to different characteristics that frankly, each of us might just have a “tita” inside us. The microblogging site, Twitter, made a fun concept of this endearment, which Filipino netizens have been quite supportive of—thanks to the parody of @TitasofManila. This Twitter account tweets about funny things that every tita does, and the lines we usually hear from typical titas: “Kailan ka mag-aasawa?”, “I have biogesic, kailangan mo ba?”, “Let’s do Zumba this weekend!”

Whether we’re wholeheartedly, partially, or just mildly tita’s, we recommend that we yield to our inner tita whims from time to time. And when the need to relax and enjoy with the amigas arises, check out our recommended spots where you chill the “tita” way.

5. The Wholesome Table 

Photo by Expat Philippines

Located in Salcedo Village, Makati City, this place gives off a rustic morning ambiance that makes you feel warm and cozy especially on a rainy day. It’s a perfect afternoon hangout place for you and your amigas to chill, paired with good music, drinks varying from milkshakes, coffee, to fruit juices and organic dishes that would fit your healthy diet.

4. Dean & Deluca at Rockwell Center

Photo by Phonebooky

If you crave for more than just food, Dean & Deluca is a must try for the titas and titas-at-heart. Its elegant interior plus the fine dining vibes might leave your hearts in awe. Dean & Deluca offers a wide array of pastries and sweets, perfect for morning, brunch and afternoon dates, and their coffee, milkshakes, smoothies, and New York soda drinks can tantalize your taste buds.

3. La Vie Parisienne

Photo by Phonebooky

Having a name that already sounds like a Tita’s Paradise, La Vie Parisienne located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City offers a French vibe all over. Not only is it because of the sophisticated wine cellar interior, but also because of its fine choices of food and grape. Their menu serves French delicacies and first-class wines. Have your ultimate wine night out by spending your Friday evenings in this cute little spot.

2. 20:20

Photo by Akimolux

This place located in Chino Roces Extension, Makati City is designed in a way that would make you have a steady and cozy feeling accompanied by classic blues and booze. As you stay longer, you would feel that the lights go dim and bright as it gives you the Old Americana-Steampunk era feels. Another thing to take notice of is their wide-open balcony stockroom shelf, which contains all their alcoholic drinks.

1. Bank Bar

Photo by The Edition

Last but not the least, if you and your tita-at-heart friends want to go low-key drinking and chilling, there is a hidden bar inside a 7/11 stockroom called Bank Bar located in the Ground Floor of RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, Bonifacio Global City.

Bank Bar’s drinks range from gin to scotch, wine to martinis. It is very fitting for titas who are willing to try out premium liquors, and even bar chows including Chicken Skin Chicharrons and sumptuous sliders that would leave you wanting more.

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you in one of these venues soon in your red stilettos, or maybe, your Longchamp bags and giant tote bags!

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