Add to Cart: Your online shopping guide in buying makeup

by Matthew Escosia
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by Queenie Resmundo

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy makeup which is kind of the same thing.”

I have come across this anonymous quote online and I’m pretty sure makeup lovers including myself couldn’t agree more. Buying makeup is a therapy and is indeed a fun hobby to have especially now that online shopping makes it easier for us to purchase the things we love.

It’s no secret that our cosmetic consumption has grown especially with online shopping coming into the picture. According to Poland-based discounts provider, Philippines is the sixth country to have the highest number of mobile users that do online shopping where cosmetics is the Top 4 most purchased. Thanks to technology – we no longer need to fall in line in a makeup store to buy lipsticks or face masks.

Although online shopping is much more convenient, I initially had trust issues in patronizing items sold online as I believed it’s much better to buy stuff from a physical store. But then, not everyone has the time to spare and so far, online shopping has been my go-to when it comes to makeup. So in case you’re new in the world of online shopping, here are the tips I have provided (with the help of friends) below in buying your own kikay kit online! 

Buy products only from official stores

I have seen several accounts online selling makeup products cheaper than the original price. Basing on the packaging, most of it are obviously fake if not nearly expired. Though it’s tempting to grab the more affordable cosmetics, it’s always recommended to buy your favorite makeup from an official store to avoid getting fake items. Better spend on legitimate products than regret on what was delivered to your doors and waste money.

Try something first from a physical store

One of the downsides of online shopping is that users can neither touch nor see the actual item. It’s more challenging with cosmetics as colors or shades on the screen are more likely different in reality. Before hitting the add to cart button, my friend Sherlenne gave me a tip before: take time to visit a physical store (no need to purchase) and check their testers if the available shades match my skin color. Is it too dark? Is it too white? Is it too yellow?

Pay attention to reviews

This tip applies to all the items being sold online. Always pay attention to the ratings and reviews, especially if you are planning to buy a new product online and not very familiar with it. You may also watch beauty vlog reviews which are very useful and influential in decision making of most makeup buyers. Taking time to read and hear comments can be helpful as some of them might share if an item is recommended only for specific skin types, different than in photo, delivers its promise, or if it is not worth the price.

Wait for SALE season!

In case you do not know yet, some popular makeup brands and even online shops have monthly sale for their products (Hint: Like their online pages for updates!). If you have the patience and wish to spend less, you might want to wait for sale and free shipping season before you buy that beauty products you’ve been looking for. This is actually a tip I got from my colleague, Jam. She always tags me whenever a makeup brand announces their sale and I’ve become a fan of sale season. Be on the lookout also for vouchers that appear on your notifications to get discounts. Buy makeup items for less at your convenience!

Do not hoard makeup products

Once you start purchasing a beauty product online, there is a higher chance for you to buy more items and get hooked on online shopping. It can be hard, but it is better to control your spending habit in online shopping and buying stuff that are unnecessary at the moment. Purchase only the beauty items you really need and make sure you have a budget to pay for it without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Buying makeup online is not something to be ashamed of. Just be a mindful consumer before you hit add to cart and you’re good to go! At the end of the day, it’s all about making yourself feel good and giving yourself a treat whenever possible. ‘Wanna do online shopping?   

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