5 things why Frozen II is heartwarming

by Matthew Escosia
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by Queenie Resmundo


Last 2013, almost every kid and even every adult who’d watched Frozen would belt out the movie’s theme song Let It Go. Six years later, you’re probably going to start hearing someone scream “into the unknoooooowwn!” at the top of their lungs because Frozen II is officially here.

I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve watched Frozen and I swear I could recap it just as how Olaf comically did it in the sequel, which was definitely the best part for me because everyone in the cinema laughed out loud at this scene.

Frozen II gives a roller coaster ride of emotions and its meaningful soundtracks can make the viewers even more drawn to its magical and ice-cold adventure. To give you a quick, no-spoiler review, here’s my High Five – five things that makes Frozen II truly heartwarming.

Elsa’s Transformation


While Elsa in Frozen showed a fearful and confused persona as she realized her uncontrollable power, Frozen II portrays a braver and more courageous Queen of Arendelle. Disturbed by the unknown woman voice calling from afar, Elsa was daring enough to face it no matter the circumstances. Moreover, the first few scenes depict a more approachable and amiable queen towards her sister and the people of her kingdom. What I also like about Elsa’s character in Frozen II is that she starts accepting help from other people as she embarks on a journey to the Enchanted Forest with Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

It’s Funnier!


I felt different kind of emotions and reactions while watching Frozen II and that includes boisterous laughing in the cinema. Although the quest is pretty serious for Elsa, I could say the humor in this movie gets a big plus thanks to Olaf’s wit, Samantha, and Kristoff’s epic fail attempts to propose to Anna – watch out for his song with Sven, ‘Lost in the Woods.’ The song’s supposed to be sad but it was hilariously glorious.

Anna’s Cleverness


Anna really stood out in some of the climactic scenes.

The princess is more than just Elsa’s sidekick but rather an ally in this quest. Though Elsa had no choice but to push her sister away as she decides to go alone to Ahtohallan, this was an opportunity for the audience to appreciate Anna’s valor having no one around but Olaf. When Elsa figures out how to end the misery, Anna receives the message from her sister and, in her most clever way, finds an answer to break the curse to the Enchanted Forest.

Its Light Touch on Adulting


Although Frozen II is supposedly for younger audience, it seemed like it’s made for a wider range of viewers, including coming-of-age. I could see the film is trying to tell you to not be afraid of life’s adventures, be courageous and let go of the past. It also says that it’s okay to feel sad but make sure you are able to move forward. Latter scenes also send a message that although there are people willing to lend a hand, some challenges can only be faced on our own just as how Elsa braves through the wild waves of a mythical river to Ahtohallan alone.

I just hope the kids could grasp it, though, so when they are older, they’ll know it all makes sense.

Of course, the Music!

Frozen II wouldn’t be as much awaited as it is without its music in the previous movie. Before watching, I was expecting if they can provide more entertaining music to the audience. However, the songs in the sequel may not be as catchy as ‘Do you want to build a snowman,’ or ‘Love is an open door,’ but as an adult, I appreciate Frozen II’s soundtrack. The songs are more meaningful and can really make you realize things when you listen carefully – especially Olaf’s ‘When I am older’ which he sings while they’re lost in the woods of the Enchanted Forest and Anna’s “The Next Right Thing’ which is basically about doing the right thing despite failures.

Frozen II gets 4 out of 5 waves for me!

Catch Frozen II in cinemas nationwide and experience the magical and icy adventures of Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven! Watch the trailer below:

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