Pampered Pets

by Jam Bufi
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Pet owners want the best for their fur-babies – organic food, colorful toys, complete vitamins, and all the cute clothes they can find. There are even times when they tend to spoil their pet more than they spoil themselves. In fact, one article from Unilad said that “millennials treat their pets like their ‘first born baby’” – and for millions around the globe, it was far too relatable.

Basically, we know there’s nothing a fur-parent won’t do for their fur-babies so we asked pet owners around the metro about some of their cutest moments with their pets.

Karissa from Quezon City and her dog Finn


“Our baby, Finn, recently celebrated his 1st birthday and we threw his very own birthday party – complete with cakes and cupcakes, which we preordered before his big day from a bakery that makes cakes for dogs in Maginhawa. We sang happy birthday to him and let him (attempt) to blow his cake and he got to play all day with other puppies. Just look how happy he is with his gift! Everything was worth it.”


Abby from Manila and her hamster Boru

“I noticed my hamster not eating his food so I took him to the vet. He also became super aggressive whenever he’s touched because he’s in so much pain that he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. So for a week, I had wrap him burrito-style in a blanket and force feed him literally every hour and make him drink water. I didn’t get any sleep at all that whole week but it was super worth it because after a week he went back to normal as if nothing happened!”


Jovi from Quezon City and his dog Tammy


“My pet shih tzu is very picky with her food. She prefers this very specific brand and flavor and she won’t eat anything other than that. So one time when she ran out of food, we had to search pet shops in three different malls just to find the brand she likes. She’s such as spoiled little thing but still, we didn’t even think twice about looking for her food because we love her that much.”



Paolo from Quezon City and his pets Pepper, Sushi and Brie

“My family wanted to go on a beach trip but we couldn’t leave our pets alone so we took our cat and two dogs to this pet-friendly resort in Batangas. Upon check-in, they were given these goody bags with treats and toys plus they had their own beds in the rooms, but they still slept in the human beds anyway. Of course we took them out for a swim in the ocean and they were provided with their own doggy life vests so they could swim safely. Also the resort’s restaurant had their own pet menu with corny puns for food names which of course we ordered for them! Our pets really got the VIP treatment that weekend.”


So why do pet owners do all these for their pets? The answer – because pets do so much more for their human. These are nothing compared to the love of a pet. Coming home after a busy day at work alleviates all the stress once you see your dog waiting for you by the door, ready to greet you as if you’re the most important person in the world. Or your cat snuggling up to you out of nowhere as if they can’t get enough of you. It’s a feeling that puts you at ease, making everything in life 10 times better. As an example, our last story from Yana from Manila shares how her dog goes the extra mile for her:

“Yoda, my Aspin-that-resembles-a-Border Collie-on-a-good-day dog, has served as my personal alarm every day for the past few months. I don’t exactly know when it started, but Yoda has made it a habit to climb a flight of stairs just to bark in front of my room every day at five in the morning, only stopping when I would wake up and open the door for him. He would affectionately tackle me and then proceed to my own bed just to fall asleep, lying on his back and waiting for his belly to be rubbed. I look forward to this every single morning.”



Being a fur-parent is truly like no other and we will always go to great lengths to give our babies all the love and care they deserve.

If you have stories you want to share about being a fur-parent, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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