High Five Short Films: The Hidden Gems of Netflix

by Matthew Escosia
Netflix Short Film
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By: Patricia Yap  


Unknown to many, Netflix is also a home to a robust collection of short films! 

From 15-minute skits to 30-minute tearjerkers, Netflix has just about any type of short-form entertainment a person could want and more. In fact, this form of entertainment is exceptionally fitting for a lot of people since not everyone has a lot of time on their hands. 

So, if you don’t have enough time to watch a full length film but still want all the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it—in no particular order—why not try out these noteworthy short films on Netflix. 

Here is SEA Wave’s High Five short films you can stream now on Netflix!


The Garden of Words (2013) 

Netflix Short Film

Understated and intimate, “The Garden of Words” is a 40-minute short animated film that’s not only visually charming, but full of serene moments and climactic emotions and turns. The short follows a story of a lonely boy in his teens who skips class one rainy day to sit in a garden where he meets an older woman who shares the same feelings of loneliness as him. Coupled as well with Japanese Poetry (Tanka) narration and the constant pitter-patter of rain, The Garden of Words might seem simple and mundane at a glance but it is far from it.


End Game (2018) 

Netflix Short Film

In the span of 40 minutes, Academy Award winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman give the world “End Game”, a Netflix Original short documentary that humanizes death in all its authentic reality. End Game hopes to change the way we humans perceive life and death through the stories of a palliative care team in UCSF Medical Center and a Buddhist-inspired end-of-life residence known as the Zen Hospice Project, as well as a physician that has worked with these institutions and understood suffering first hand. Emotionally charged and intimate, End Game takes viewers at the forefront of the lives of terminally ill patients, their caregivers, and loved ones in the face of death and the journey, decisions, and life that has unfolded in between. 


If Anything Happens I Love You (2020) 

Netflix Short Film

“If Anything Happens I Love You” is as real as it gets. With reports and incidents of mass shootings worldwide, especially those at schools in America, this 12-minute animated film might be short but it will leave viewers bawling and exasperated. Upon its addition to Netflix, the film grabbed the 4th spot on Netflix’s most watched movies. Directors Will McCormack and Michael Govier’s If Anything Happens I Love You tells the reality and untold story of grief parents feel after losing a child to such a heinous situation. It may be a heart-wrenching story, but it is a story that deserves to be told. 


Canvas (2020)

Netflix Short Film

Though only 9-minutes short, veteran Disney and Pixar animator Frank E. Abney III makes his directorial debut with “Canvas”. Definitely another tearjerker, Canvas gives a glimpse into the life of a grandfather who has lost his spirit for creativity and painting after suffering a great loss. However, hope can still be found in this short film through the most unusual of places and even people as the story progresses. Through Canvas, the all too human feelings of grief, loss, love, family and passion are depicted subtly but impactful and real enough for everyone to relate to. 


Period. End of Sentence. (2018)

Netflix Short Film In a place where a woman’s menstruation is considered taboo and unclean, “Period. End of Sentence” is a short documentary that aims to bring awareness and annihilate this stigma. Just under 30-minutes, Director Rayka Zehtabchi shines the spotlight on the Hapur village in India where women do not have access to sanitary feminine hygiene  products. When a sanitary pad vending machine was installed in the area, life quickly began to change for the women as they learned to create and manufacture their own pads. The story then goes from hiding in shame from what was only natural, to becoming financially independent and empowered through microeconomy. In this short film, knowledge is gained but even more so is the viewpoint that simple acts can transform lives and bring greater ventures. 

Now that we’ve given you a few suggestions, it’s about time you logged into Netflix and searched for something different rather than your usual full-length movie or hour-long series. Remember, Netflix has a vast and colorful collection of short films and these aren’t the only ones out there. 

Hop on now to Netflix and give these shorts a shot. After that, continue your search for more short films and spread the word unto others! 

Got any favorite short films on Netflix that you wanna share? Comment them below! 


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