We Like Warm Hugs this National Hugging Day!

by Matthew Escosia
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Most of you might not know it but there is an actual day for us to give all the hugs we want to our loved ones! Today is National Hugging Day, a day to celebrate the warmth a simple hug gives and remind us that there is an importance to this simple gesture we share with our family and friends.


Read on to know why you need a hug today!


Scientifically, hugs have been proven to reduce stress, increase positive emotions and even ease depression and anxiety. Erica Lamberg from thehealthy.com also found that the social support and frequent hugs seemed to reduce the severity of common cold symptoms.

Joshua, a 23-year-old fresh graduate from Cubao believes that somehow, hugging creates trust between two people and builds a better relationship in the long run.

“Well, love language ko talaga is touch (my love language is really touch). So, there’s a certain amount of appreciation and love I feel whenever a friend, especially if someone close to me does it. Hugging releases stress, anxiety and just puts you in a calm state, for me. Again, in my opinion, hugging someone for a significantly long amount of time just breaks down any barrier that hinders me from opening up to that person.”

Karla, 20, from Davao city disclosed that growing up, she experienced a lot of bullying. When she transferred to a school in Davao, she was surprised that they held a Hug Day every Friday. “Kahit di ka kilala, basta nakasalubong mo at na ngitian pwede kang yakapin. Sobrang culture shocked ako non. Tapos marami pa akong naging kaibigan doon na mahilig din sa yakap. So, I could say na oo, hugs really help. They make you feel warm, in and out, lalo na if they come from the right people din.” (Even though they don’t know you, as long as they come across you, they’d give you a hug. It was a huge culture shock for me. I also made a lot of friends that really liked to hug. So, I could say that yeah hugs really help. They make you feel warm in and out, especially if they come from the right people.)

“There have been studies that claim how hugging is beneficial to a person’s health and well-being. It is said to decrease anxiety and promotes a calming effect. In my practice as a school nurse, I’ve often witnessed how a reassuring touch or hug (especially from a parent or relative or a trusted adult) eases the worries of children especially if they don’t feel well. It is stressful for children when they are sick and that’s why they often need extra care. And children feel safe and cared for through caring words and gestures like a hug. Hugs are therapeutic.”— Meg Rentario, former school nurse.

Hugs and cuddles are simple gestures we tend to take for granted at times, whether you’re a notorious hugger or a downright non-hugger, it’s now clear that hugging has its benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Share a hug with a loved one today and don’t forget, your pet needs their fair share of cuddles too! Happy National Hugging Day!

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