High Five: Best Movies to Watch This Valentine’s If You’re Single

by Matthew Escosia
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We often idealize Valentine’s season as an occasion limited only for people with partners, dismissing the notion that countless people strive and are strongly committed to loving themselves and other forces/ elements without necessarily adhering to a relationship label.

As we cap off yet another Valentine’s, we dedicate a High Five list for those people who are going solo this February 14. There are plenty of ways to celebrate as a single person, but if you’re spending the evening over movies and a bag of popcorn, we recommend five (5) movies you can include in your Valentine’s watch list. These movies not only empower but could give a more optimistic light on the single’s life.

1. FRANCES HA (2013) by Noah Baumbach

valentine's movies for single

Frances Ha (2013). Photo courtesy of IFC Films.

Before Lady Bird and Little Women, Greta Gerwig swoon the hearts of cinephiles with her portrayal as the titular Frances Ha. In the film, Frances was like most adults in their ‘20s: often broke, clueless, but committed to pursuing a passion. The film is a heartwarming introspection of someone who, despite the adversities of career, love, friendship, and personal ambitions, remains positive. It’s hard to not smile while watching this movie.

2. CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994) by Wong Kar-Wai

valentine's movies for single

Chungking Express (1994). Photo courtesy of Miramax.

Despite exploring the theme of loneliness in two separate sections, Chungking Express miraculously remains Wong Kar-Wai’s most gleeful film from his moody titles. The film’s characters often long for connection, and all tend to be overly sacrificial just for love. But it is in their selfless ways that they started to learn more about their selves. In Chungking Express, love is nothing but an imaginary construct that comes and goes unexpectedly, one that is pushed by chance and erased by acceptance.

3. MIDSOMMAR (2019) by Ari Aster

valentine's movies for single

Midsommar (2019). Photo courtesy of A24.

Midsommar is a break-up movie disguised as a cult horror drama. While unsettling most of the time, the film’s memorable moment happens when the victim of a toxic relationship gets the revenge she did not realize she wants for her partner. Not that it promotes attack, the fact that we get to be someone in control as a way to cope with defeat is always a winning statement. Truly, a great anti-Valentine’s Valentine’s movie/

4. LOVE, ACTUALLY (2001) by Richard Curtis

valentine's movies for single

Love, Actually (2001). Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Love, Actually is arguably the quintessential rom-com of the 2000s and while the film overwhelms with all those romance quirks, what it nailed best is how it transforms into a declaration of love that’s universal. Its definition of love is ambiguous because it knows the term is inclusive for one or two purposes, which as one character says, “Love, actually is all around.” An essential watch this Valentine’s.

5. SUPERBAD (2007, Greg Mottola) and BOOKSMART (2019, Olivia Wilde)

valentine's movies for single

Superbad (2007) and Booksmart (2019). Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures and Annapurna Pictures.

Two films so similar, we can’t help but put them on the same number.

Something for the guys, Superbad is an extremely raunchy film that wonderfully manages to be very sweet. While a film like this would probably not work now, one will always remember the hijinks of three friends in their high school who, in the pursuit of getting the girl of their fantasies, became closer than they initially were.

In an almost similar fashion, but for the girl crowd, Booksmart chronicles two teenage girls also in the pursuit of winning their respective crushes. Both films use romance as something secondary, fully knowing that the best way to be mature is by being yourself and win the respect and love of those already deeply close and rooted into your heart, be it a family or friend.


We’re bringing the question to you, what are some of the best movies single people can watch this Valentine’s Day? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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