High Five: Tiktok Trends during Quarantine

by Matthew Escosia
tiktok trends
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By: AC Recio


Tiktok is the app that took the world by storm since we all started staying indoors under quarantine due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Essentially a video sharing app, Tiktok allows users to record, edit and share their videos to other users and people all over the internet. And with more time on their hands, and even with security and privacy rumors, people have been flocking to the app to make videos about all kinds of things to destress or to simply find ways to have fun while stuck at home.

Here are High Five Tiktok trends that went viral during the quarantine:


Bored in the house


YA BORED YET? ##boredinthehouse ##boredathome ##boredvibes ##boredaf

♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

Bored in the house? So is the rest of the world. What started as a viral song about the quarantine on Instagram has since moved to Tiktok, where users have created their own videos showing how they cope with the quarantine. Solving a Rubik’s Cube? Cutting your own bangs? Balancing something on your head? You name it, there’s a bored Tiktoker who’s recorded themselves doing it, with this international quarantine anthem playing in the background. It just goes to show that nothing induces creativity quite like mutual boredom.


Political Tiktoks


##memeph ##comedy ##tiktokphilippines ##clonesquad ##foryoupage PHILIPPINES be like🇵🇭😂

♬ Buttercup – MixAndMash

The outbreak of COVID-19 has seen governments all over the world respond to the needs of their citizens, with efforts ranging from extremely effective (like Singapore and South Korea) to those that hardly have any positive effect at all. The latter is very much the norm however, and as such, people are angry, with no public transportation to travel to their jobs, no means of earning a living, and no way to pay for monthly expenses like rent or to buy daily necessities. With the need to stay indoors due to the quarantine, people have opted to stage online protests and air their frustrations on social media. Tiktok is one of the platforms that people have used to share their opinions on current events and COVID-19 response initiatives (or lack thereof), with political videos gaining a lot of traction as users relate to the struggles of their fellow citizens during the pandemic. Have you ever seen something so absurd yet true that your only response was to laugh and cry at the same time? If not, then these videos might do it for you.


You know I’ll go get



♬ You Know I’ll Go Get – ateng

Our current meme culture sees viral trends transform at a rapid pace, and Tiktok is no exception. Originally a dance challenge with simple steps that anyone can follow, “You Know I’ll Go Get” has since evolved under the quarantine into something that only the truly bored will appreciate – a video that is cut and edited to make it seem like a person is hovering from one place to another. Why? Who knows. Sounds pointless? Well the original video that started the trend has over 100,000 likes and 6,000 comments, and has since inspired countless of similar videos. It may be pointless, but silly videos like these rule the web during these trying times and give people something lighthearted and fun to do and watch.


Frontliner Tiktoks


Please stay at home ##frontliners ##onewish

♬ One Wish – Gyl St-Pierre

These days, frontliners are working more than twice as hard as everyone else, risking their lives to save people and provide essential services. But aside from their important work with COVID-19, frontliners have also played their part in another viral phenomenon – Tiktok videos. As seen with previous Tiktok trends, majority of viral content these days are silly and lighthearted, helping people get through the day with a smile on their face. This is especially true for frontliners, who have been making people smile with their Tiktok content of group dances, lipsyncs, acapella performances and educational videos. It seems that frontliners are essential not just in fighting viral diseases, but in creating viral content as well.


Yes I do the cooking



♬ Cooking cleaning challenge – BUKNOY GLAMURRR

No one asked for more household chores, but here we are – in quarantine, cooking and cleaning every day. The “Cooking and Cleaning Challenge” existed before the quarantine, with people incorporating cooking and cleaning dance steps to their Tiktok videos, however it only really went viral when Tiktok user @shaynara12 posted her own entry to the challenge. Due to the awkward and improvisational nature of her dance steps, her video became a hit with over 2,000,000 views, 90,000 likes and 3,000 comments. And since the quarantine has left us with more household chores than usual, the video is more timely now more than ever, with Tiktok users attempting to recreate it right down to the outfit and background. We might be tired of all the extra cooking and cleaning, but we’ll always have time for a little bit of fun.


Tiktok videos may be the least of our concerns these days, but these little snippets of relatable and funny moments can help brighten our days, even by the tiniest bit, and help foster a sense of togetherness with our fellow humans who may be far away, but are experiencing the same things as we are.

Did we miss any of your favorite Tiktok trends during the quarantine? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Photo credits for the featured photo: May I See YouTube, Curtis Roach


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