Born to Be Wild airs “Vets on Call: ECQ” special episode this Saturday

by Matthew Escosia
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Born to Be Wild produced a special episode on COVID-19 airing this Saturday (April 25) at 3:15 pm.

While most of us are staying home, Born to Be Wild vets Doc Ferds Recio and Doc Nielsen Donato respond to emergency cases to save the lives of beloved pet animals in the midst of enhanced community quarantine.

Nemesis, a rescued dog, suffers from cancer. Doc Nielsen and his team must remove the dog’s facial tumor as soon as possible to prolong the animal’s life. Will the operation be successful?

Concerned owners rush their pets to Doc Ferds for emergency treatment. One is a feline with a urinary tract problem and the other, a dog with ruptured sutures from a recent delivery.

#StayHome and watch these heart-warming stories on Born to Be Wild’s “Vets on Call: ECQ” airing this Saturday, 3:15 pm on GMA 7.

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