Apartment residents in Kuala Lumpur “light up” a community

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Queenie Resmundo


The coronavirus has affected almost every part of the world and people are finding ways to cheer up everyone amid lockdowns – something that gives people a break from the worries brought by the escalating cases of COVID-19.

In this latest part of #SEAtizens series, we take a look at a “light” moment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Residents of Seasons Garden Residences spontaneously began a little light show from their balconies, a week after their government announced the movement control order in response to the pandemic.

This small but amusing community event was recorded by a friend of Sean Michael Wilson, a comic book writer based in Japan, and shared this story on his Facebook account.

“An interesting, positive and rather cute response to coronavirus in Malaysia. In order to express both frustration and a desire to positively communicate with others, people in this condo building yesterday started this ‘building light flash’ event”, he posted.

The light show lasted about 30 minutes and the residents are saying that it will continue during the movement control period.

Resident Gan Pei Yong told The Star that this display of lights certainly cheered some people up.

“It all started when the people in the condominium next to us started flashing their torchlights. It went on at my condominium for less than half an hour and it is going to happen again tonight,” she said.

She also added that a little music and clamoring won’t hurt, as this allows people to do fun things together from the comfort of their home amid the situation.

Malaysia has already 5,532 COVID-19 cases as of writing and more than half of them have already recovered with only less than a hundred deaths, a good sign that the country is doing well in fighting the virus.

One thing that the pandemic has proven to us – difficult times bring the best out of people.

SEAtizens initiative is a series of inspiring stories of people in Southeast Asia who champion the human spirit by demonstrating courage, ingenuity, generosity, and selflessness amidst the current crisis.


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