High Five Online Trends and Challenges

by Matthew Escosia
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By: AC Recio


Everyone (and their mother) has been extremely online the past few months due to the outbreak of COVID-19. And with more time spent scrolling through our feeds, online challenges have been all the rage, serving as a substitute for physical social interactions and giving us relatable content to last us through the quarantine. Here are High Five online trends and challenges that have taken the internet by storm.


Breadmaking Challenge

Amateur cooks and bakers have been visibly more active on social media since the quarantine started – people have been proudly sharing the meals they cook, the cakes they bake and the experimental dishes they put together from whatever ingredients they have left in the pantry. Among these people are those who bake bread from scratch.

According to an article by Eater, the recent pandemic has led to a breadmaking boom. Google Search results for “bread” reached an all-time high this month, and with the recent popularity of no-knead bread, people have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their first-time bakes.

Aside from being easy to make, bread provides a much-needed routine at a time of uncertainty – all you need is flour, yeast, an oven and a bit of patience, and you too can make it anytime at home. It might not turn out looking good on your first try, but stuffing yourself with freshly baked bread is one of life’s simplest pleasures and is always worth the effort.


Dubbed Meme Videos

Have you been binge watching your favorite shows lately? How about looking back at the most meme-able moments from the past decade? Netizens have been rewatching meme videos, memorizing everything about their vocal delivery and reciting the lines as the video is playing.

It might look simple – memes are catchy by nature, which is why they’re memes in the first place – but memorizing and reciting lines in front of a camera is an art. Everything from the words to the cadence to the tone of voice takes skill, attention to detail, versatility and dedication to master. So if you feel up to the task, try it out. Reliving your favorite meme moments is always a fun way to pass the time and who knows, your dubbing skills could even develop into a fully-fledged party trick for you to show off after the quarantine.


Pass the Brush Challenge

Staying home means not having a reason to dress up for special occasions, but more than one month into the quarantine and people are missing their OOTDs, accessories and makeup. Which is why Tiktok users traded in their daily bedheads for a more outdoor-friendly look with the “Pass the Brush Challenge” where participants showcase their makeup transformations by “passing the brush” amongst themselves, giving each person a time to shine.

Since the trend started, it has been adapted by everyone from celebrities to different pop culture fandoms in various social media platforms and has become a way for cosplayers and people of other niche interests to showcase their passion and talents.


Pass the Punch Challenge

Speaking of people of other niche interests, stunt performers adapted the “Pass The Brush Challenge” into their own “Pass the Punch Challenge” to show the often overlooked contributions of stunt people to movies, TV shows and other media. In the original video challenge, stunt performers showed off their moves and “passed the punch” onto the next person, who pretends to be hurt by the punch before showing off their own moves and passing the punch as well.


The “Pass the Punch Challenge” is also a testament to the malleability of modern-day memes, where viral formats can be modified countless times to accommodate different media, subject matter and content. The challenge has since become viral and imitated countless times, even by professional wrestlers on live television. How’s that for sports entertainment?


Virtual PowerPoint Parties

PowerPoint parties entered the public vocabulary in 2018 when a tweet by Twitter user @Miexriir about their 3-minute presentation on Shadow the Hedgehog went viral to the tune of 100,000 likes.

The party format has since become an online staple, with viral tweets about weird presentations popping up occasionally to give us a quick laugh followed by a moment to ponder the unusual yet absurdly insightful topic of choice by the presenter. But even though PowerPoint parties have been welcomed by the public as an acceptable way to spend a Friday night with friends, the recent pandemic has made it impossible to physically meet up with other people and present your slides. Enter virtual PowerPoint parties.

With the need to socialize and interact “face to face,” people have resorted to virtual gatherings to “meet” their friends, family and loved ones as they stay at home under quarantine. Video conferencing technology has made virtual gatherings the closest things we have right now to intimate Friday night hangouts, so why not use them for PowerPoint parties?

PowerPoint parties have an added bonus of giving you an excuse to research on a topic you’re passionate about and to articulate what makes that topic interesting and personally fulfilling. Besides, what better way to spend some of your free time than putting together a presentation about something you actually like?

Online trends may come and go, but the brightness and laughter that they bring will always stay with us. And even in the darkest times, we can look to our fellow humans online and feel comfort in our shared experiences. Did we miss any of your favorite online trends and challenges? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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