Make Way for MeWe: The New Social Media Platform on the Block

by Harvey Llamosa
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MeWe, a new social networking app is rising in popularity because it wants to challenge the giant social media site, Facebook.

Due to the privacy policy and ad tracking issues, people are looking for an alternative to Facebook, thus, MeWe was born. It claims that it has “No Ads, No Targeting, No BS” meaning their website and the interface does not contain the ads that we always see on Facebook, which some find annoying.

MeWe’s Newsfeed aka MeWe MyWorld

MeWe has a solid background to support its cause, it was founded in 2016 by Mark Weinstein with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man behind the World Wide Web, as one of its advisors. The social networking site also has the first Privacy Bill of Rights which aims to protect the data of its users.

Here are some cool things in MeWe:

Personal Information

Our personal information is important, and it should always be secured and safe. This is one of the key ideas of MeWe, they do not sell the members’ personal information to anyone.

No Ads

True to its promise, there are no ads that can be seen on MeWe. It has no third-party advertisement or any other third-party content or those ads that feels like “following you”.

Newsfeed Control

By default, new members are welcomed by posts about MeWe but as your contacts grow and the pages you like increase, MeWe claims that they do not manipulate, filter, or change your newsfeed which is also another thing prone to abuse especially for trolling and political propaganda.

No Facial Recognition

On its Privacy Bill of Rights, MeWe respects the privacy of its users that is why they are not using any kind of facial recognition technology that is prone to abuse and can be used for tracking.

MeWe App on Android

With all these features of MeWe, joining and using the platform is free but several account add-ons can be purchased such as stickers, themes, emojis, and other subscription-based services such as creating a business page, cloud storage, and encrypted messaging. Again, the basic services are free, they just introduced these low-cost paid services to sustain the business instead of selling data through ads.

To ensure the connectivity of the users, MeWe can be accessed on its website ( and the MeWe app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Will you give MeWe a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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