Have fun learning at home with AHA!

by Matthew Escosia
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Kids can now have fun learning at home more times with Drew Arellano! The award-winning infotainment program AHA!, now airs for times a week instead of one! Viewers can now watch AHA! from Wednesday to Friday, 8:25 am beginning July 1. The fun-filled discoveries continue every Sunday with AHA’s original timeslot at 8:15 am.

Last Wednesday (July 1), Drew and the rest of the AHA! team explored the various personal transport vehicles such as the electric go kart and electric roller blades. They also discussed how abnormalities and birth defects among animals happen and how to take care of those that have these conditions.

The following day, AHA! revisited a ToyCon where dolls took the stage wearing different costumes. Drew also looked back on the earlier version of toy dolls our parents and grandparents played with during their childhood.

This Friday (July 3), the AHA! squad tries to play games inspired by the ‘Running Man’. Join them as they go inside the 16th-century dungeons of Baluarte de San Barbara in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, which used to be a storage house of ammunition and arms during the Spanish era.

Do dwarfs exist? AHA! tells us about the tales and beliefs that involve these mysterious creatures. A kid who was so stressed about having swallowed watermelon seed became viral before. AHA! explains what happens when one ingests a seed such as that of watermelon and explores the science behind the human digestive system and its functions.

On Sunday (July 7), Boobsie Wonderland joins Drew in ‘Let’s Do It! Let’s Drew It!’ Will Boobsie take on the show’s challenges such as ‘AHA: Walang Tatawa Challenge with a Twist’ and ‘Tongue Twister Challenge’ among others?

In other AHA-mazing stories, join Ivan Dorschner and find out what ‘kinetic sand is. What are its characteristics that allow it to take various shapes or be molded in different forms?

And who would have thought that a tropical country like the Philippines has its own ice hockey team?

Learn from home four times a week in AHA!, Wednesday to Friday at 8:25 am and Sundays at 8:15 am on GMA 7.


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