LEGO’s “Monkie Kid” Series and Movie to debut in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan

by Matthew Escosia
LEGO Monkie Kid
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The story of Monkey King (also known as Sun Wukong in Chinese) has been popularized in various movies and series across Southeast Asia, with the Hong Kong series The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra and Journey to the West from the ‘90s presenting what is arguably the most memorable iteration of the character.

The two series’ success is largely owed to actor Dicky Cheung’s fun and exciting portrayal of the titular hero. Even though it has long been ended, its fans will be thrilled to know that Cheung is reprising the character for an upcoming animated series and mini-movie for LEGO.

LEGO’s Monkie Kid, which is essentially a modern take on the legend, brings back Cheung as Monkey King for today’s young audience.

The LEGO Group recently confirmed the news, announcing that aside from serving as a lead voice to the Monkie Kid animated series and mini-movie, Cheung will also be singing its theme song in Mandarin.

LEGO Monkie Kid

“With Dicky’s experience in playing the legendary role of Monkey King, we hope the depth and dimension he brings to the character of Monkie Kid will captivate viewers from all generations in Singapore and Malaysia, while empowering children with the important values of bravery, optimism, and resilience,” Rohan Mathur, The LEGO Group’s Marketing Director for Southeast Asia, shared with Mashable.

“Through Monkie Kid, we wanted to create a world where the LEGO play experience is brought to life while facilitating a greater appreciation of the Chinese culture and values among our audiences,” Mathur added.

The much-awaited movie and series will finally debut in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in late 2020.

Watch the official trailer of LEGO’s Monkie Kid here:

What are your thoughts on Dicky Cheung joining LEGO’s Monkie Kid? Share it with us in the comments section below.


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