Reminisce your Southeast Asian travels with the #TravelThrowback tourism campaign

by Jam Bufi
SEA Wave singapore tourism board
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With the threat of the virus looming in every corner, most vacation plans are getting cancelled, making tourism one of the most affected industries in the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet being stuck at home also led to most of us reminiscing on our travel experiences, only further igniting that wanderlust and longing for that exciting feeling of being in new places and different cultures.

Now you can reminisce your fond travel memories on social media while also helping tourism in Southeast Asian countries bounce back from the pandemic with the #TravelThrowback campaign, which was launched by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The campaign banks on people’s fond travel memories in not just Singapore but the whole Southeast Asian region and encourages them to share these on social media. It hopes to promote the region’s beauty and unique culture with the help of the online community to make Southeast Asia the top of mind travel destination once the pandemic ceases.

To join in on the campaign, visit STB’s Instagram page (@visit_Singapore) and find their customized effects. Anyone can use this to share their photos and videos from memorable destinations, favorite food, and even hidden gems for people to discover. (Note: Make sure your app is up to date.)

SEA Wave singapore tourism board

Choose the country you will be featuring by tapping on the effect. You can also further edit the photo before sharing by adding the location and some stickers and GIFs.

SEA Wave singapore tourism board

The Singapore Tourism Board will also be working soon with various local partners in Southeast Asian countries to inspire traveling to the country once the pandemic is resolved and it is deemed safe to travel again.

While we all can’t wait to pack our bags and explore the world once again, always remember to stay safe. For now, join in on the #TravelThrowback campaign and encourage other to share their memories, too!


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