The Amazing Adventures of Ejen Ali Goes International

by Harvey Llamosa
SEA Wave Ejen Ali
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“Ejen Ali: The Movie”, the Malaysian highest grossing animated film of all-time, has been nominated as Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 24th Cartoons on the Bay Pulcinella Awards in Italy, happening on December 3  to 5 this year.

One of the most popular entertainment franchises in Malaysia, Ejen Ali is a big icon on Malaysian TV and movie industry, capturing the hearts of millions of people and winning several accolades on various forms.

Recently,  the film also represented Malaysia as one of the official selections at the ASEAN Film Week 2020 in Vietnam. The festival  was held in celebration of Vietnam’s Chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in 2020, with the aim to honor the core values of Asean countries through creative content.

Ejen Ali TV series won the Best Short Animated Film at the 2016 Malaysian Film Festival, Best 3D Animation Programme at the Asian Television Awards 2017, and the Best 3D Animated Programme or Series category of the Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Meanwhile, the mobile games based on Ejen Ali such as MATA Training Academy and Ejen Ali: Emergency, also won several awards at the Singapore Mob-Ex Awards 2017.

SEA Wave Ejen Ali

Ejen Ali started as an animated TV series on April 8, 2016, garnering millions of TV viewers throughout its two-season run. After Season 2, WAU Animation released the “Ejen Ali: The Movie” on November 28, 2019, in Malaysia and it became the highest-grossing Malaysian animated film of all-time.

SEA Wave Ejen Ali

Ejen Ali is a story of Ali bin Ghazali, a 12-year-old boy who becomes a secret agent. The series follows the adventures of Ali as he was accidentally recruited by MATA (Meta Advance Tactical Agency) to protect the city of Cyberaya. Throughout his adventures, Ali learns the way of a secret agent and completely utilized the special high-tech gadget called IRIS (Infinity Retinal Intelligent System) to fight villains along the way.

As a continuation of the TV series, the movie features the life of Ali as he continues to be the agent of MATA. However, MATA developed a new and more powerful IRIS, the IRIS Neo, and Ali is now confused and feels like he is no longer needed in the agency. He must face this dilemma while unraveling the secrets of his identity.

SEA Wave Ejen Ali

Produced by WAU Animation and Primeworks Studios, Ejen Ali: The Movie earned more than RM30 million on its theatrical run.

An enjoyable action-adventure animation, Ejen Ali TV series and movie was created, directed, and co-written by Usamah Zaid Yasin and features the voices of Ida Rahayu Yusoff, Nabilah Rais, Azman Zulkiply, Noorhayati Maslini Omar, and Shafiq Isa.

For more updates, always check their official Facebook page at and follow @ejen_ali on Twitter and Instagram.

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