Filipino Artistry Shine with TuneOut Audio’s Mithi earphones—and it costs less than 700 pesos!

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave Mithi
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By: Patricia Yap


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone in need of a new pair of earphones—or, you know, you’re just curious. But one thing’s for sure, whether you’re looking to satisfy your audio needs or just curious, everyone just wants high-quality earphones that don’t break the bank.

Cheap earphones may be affordable and fit within most people’s budget, but these are more likely to break, have bad fits, and have distorted sound qualities. Expensive earphones on the other hand are less likely to have such problems. However, because of their price tag, not everyone can afford them; owning a pair and losing or having them stolen is not exactly ideal either.

The solution? TuneOut Audio’s Mithi earphones. If you haven’t heard of these bad boys yet, you should know that these have honest to God excellent sound quality, are light and comfortable to wear, stylish,  and of course, affordable—think 699.00 pesos affordable. Best of all, these earphones are proudly 100% locally Filipino-made.

Definitely a brand and pair I wish I knew about before purchasing my expensive foreign ones.


What makes it great?

Sound Quality

SEA Wave Mithi

Audiophile or not, the first feature everyone looks for in a good pair of earphones is the sound quality.

One measure of good sound quality is the sound signature—soundsig for short. There are various kinds but the most sought after are the “flat” and “neutral” ones as these produce the “purest” audio sound possible; meaning you hear the recording as is. The Mithi earphones have just that.

(Although disclaimer, it is still difficult for most audio brands to get a “true neutral”, so the neutral soundsig here is only to an extent).

In addition to this, the dynamic drivers are encased in real wood shells. Yes, that beautiful and stylish wooden design is not only for aesthetics but also for the purpose of sound quality. The Mithi earphones, unlike usual pairs we’re familiar with, use a particular kind of wood that is commonly used as parts of drums or acoustic guitars. With this real wooden casing, producing really deep and rich resonating tones is possible and makes the sounds you hear from the Mithi earphones resonate beautifully in the ears.



SEA Wave Mithi

With the price of these earphones, people might think it breaks easily but it actually does not. What commonly happens for cheaper earphones is that the wire/cord gets damaged over time, eventually breaking off from the housing of the earphones. With the Mithi earphones there’s no need to worry. Its 8 core wires are insulated in a very durable paracord that eliminates the worries of tears, cuts and even oxidization. While its chrome gold plated “L” shaped plugs protect and ensure the connection of the wire/cord to the actual housing of the earphones remains strong and intact.



SEA Wave Mithi

Just by looking at these photos, you could already tell these are truly Pinoy. The look of the Mithi earphones is insanely unique and shows amazing Filipino artistry. The designs are heavily Filipino inspired, the colors are bright and bold, the wooden details are very pleasing to the eyes, and even the wires are everything but ordinary. Who says stylish earphones have to be expensive? Not Mithi that’s for sure.


Local Significance

SEA Wave Mithi

It is genuinely local. Beyond the specifics and technical details (which are exceptional), the Mithi earphones are a testament to true Filipino craftsmanship and artistry. Forget the idea that foreign brands are better, our country has many small local businesses and brands like TuneOut Audio, that are just as, if not, better than their forieng counterparts.


Why should I buy it?

With hundreds of pairs sold already, best believe customers are giving it 5-star ratings left and right. People say the sound is as balanced as promised, the bass and lows are notable, sound separation is clear, the earbuds are comfortable, and some even say there’s a level of noise cancellation that they did not expect. Overall, people keep repeating TuneOut Audio’s Mithi earphones as the pair that ensures exceptional quality for the lowest price possible. But what’s truly heartwarming is that customers are commending the brand for its local nature.

SEA Wave Mithi

Purchasing from this brand—even others similar to it—is important for many reasons, many values and many causes.

For one, you’re actively supporting a small local startup. By buying from local small businesses instead of big corporations and famous brands, you are helping the local industry thrive. And in this difficult time, such is not just noble, but necessary. Most often than not, local businesses purchase their materials from other local businesses. The more people that purchase, including you of course, from one business is an indirect purchase to another business in need of income.

Two, you’re helping people keep and find decent jobs. From the makers of locally sustained and sourced product parts to the ones actually assembling the final product, and even to those selling them in different areas or platforms are given the opportunity to have a continuous and sustainable source of income. You didn’t just help the owner of the local business, but you also helped their workers and their workers’ families.

Last but not the least, you are removing a historically long stigma that local is “low quality”, “cheap”, and “bad”. Admit it or not, there is still some degree of resistance to recognizing locally-made products. Your one purchase, or even mentioning of a local brand’s name, can encourage others to prioritize the same.


So, what are you standing around for? You’ve made your decision. Will you give TuneOut Audio a shot?

Facebook: @tuneoutaudioqc

Instagram: @tuneoutaudio

Do you have any other local brands in mind? Let us know so we can give them a platform to be known!

Photos from TuneOut.


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