F4 to reunite after seven years

by Matthew Escosia
f4 reunion
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By: Patricia Yap 


The original Taiwanese F4 is reuniting on October 30 at 8PM to perform at Jiangsu TV’s “1,001 Festival” show, and it has Meteor Garden fans singing “Oh baby baby baby, my baby baby” all over again! 

The much-awaited reunion among the 2001 Meteor Garden’s original heartthrobs Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si), Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei), Vanness Wu (Mei Zuo), and Ken Chou (Xi Men) was announced on October 28 on Jiangsu TV’s Weibo Account. The last time the public saw the four together was seven years ago on Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival special.

Jiangsu TV wrote, “F4 reunites with Jiangsu satellite TV for the second time, letting this brilliant meteor shower once again land in the hearts of the audience.” 

On Facebook, Meteor Garden’s leading lady Barbie Hsu, shared the teaser video for the reunion and got fans even more pumped and excited. Since the show’s release in 2001, the F4 group has undeniably catapulted into people’s hearts and to international fame unlike any other. 

In Meteor Garden, F4 played four rich students who ruled their university with an iron fist. But then the poor Shan Cai started studying here, meeting F4 and the events that followed are history. 

After huge success with the famed romantic series, the F4 boys became a hit boy band that released three major albums: “Meteor Rain”, “Fantasy 4ever”, and “Waiting For You”. 

On social media, fans who already viewed the teaser video have been reminiscing the blissful days of their youth, recalling how much the quartet made them swoon. Some of the most regular comments include stunned reactions at Jerry Yan, who seemed like he hasn’t aged in a day, while the public commented on Vic’s billionaire-like maturity. As for Vanness and Ken, they’re now being called handsome uncles. 

Once the reunion airs on Jiangsu TV’s platforms at 8PM, there’s no denying that social media will blow up. However, we are all looking forward to it! 


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