Sue Ramirez and Jelson Bay go on an emotional journey in Netflix’s “Finding Agnes”

by Matthew Escosia
Finding Agnes Netflix
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After the recent release of animated film Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story and the trailer for Alter Me, Netflix announced the release of a new film from the Philippines – Finding Agnes. Directed by Marla Ancheta, the film follows a successful entrepreneur (Jelson Bay) who, while on an emotional journey in Morocco, pieces together the turbulent life of his estranged mother and meets her adopted daughter (Sue Ramirez).

“I felt nervous at first, but really elated with the given opportunity for my first movie to be shown on Netflix. And I just hope this will open more opportunities not only for me but for other Filipino filmmakers as well,” director Marla Ancheta said.

Finding Agnes Netflix

Finding Agnes explores the themes of connecting with people, understanding others’ motivations and in the process finding yourself.

“My goal is to show how important relationships are – not only within our families, but also with other people around us who we tend to forget are part of our lives. I want to show that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to connect with others, and that there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to be alone. As a Filipino, I grew up in a culture like this, but sometimes I still feel lost. I hope fellow Filipinos will recognize the value in what I’m trying to say,” director Ancheta added.

The film will premiere on Netflix globally on November 30. Check out some set photos from the movie below.

Finding Agnes Netflix Finding Agnes Netflix


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