Singapore gives out $100 subsidy to boost domestic tourism

by Matthew Escosia
Singapore tourism
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By: Ricca Sy


As the world stays in their homes in fear that they might catch the virus, Singapore has other plans. Ever since they have successfully lowered the curve, and has been recognized as the 4th safest country from the pandemic by Forbes, the country has been planning their next course of action. Economies around the world have taken a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to add to this, the tourism sector became stagnant ever since the implementation of the travel ban. Singapore saw this as an opportunity to boost their tourism while further improving the state of their country. They have decided to let their locals become tourists in their own country!

There’s no denying that Singapore is one of the best countries to visit around the world. Being able to live in Singapore comes with a hefty price, but with the government’s new initiative, Singaporeans will be able enjoy discounted local attractions. With the government subsidizing $100 SingapoRediscovers vouchers to all citizens 18 years old and above in December of 2020, Locals will be able to enjoy staycations, tourist attractions and perks all for themselves, while leaving non-Singaporeans green with envy.

With great food, great hotels, and great tourist spots, it surely is the place to be when you’re up for an adventure! Go for a Transformers ride in Universal studios, visit their whimsical art-science museum, or even go for some fun under the sun in their man-made beach! There will never be a dull moment when you visit the Lion City because they sure know how to have a great time! Here is a list of the perks you can enjoy with the SingapoRediscovers vouchers!


What can you do with $100 in Singapore?

Singapore tourism

Photo from Pixabay


Go on an adventure with nature!

Go on a dip in the waters and experience nature like never before! Starting at $89, cuddle fish divers offer multiple packages that let you dive in and swim with the fishes! If you’re sick of the bustling city, head on over to cuddle fish divers and take a course with them! Visit their website here!

If you would rather stay on land, then experience Singapore’s wildlife with The Cycle Startup! Starting at $35 per person, this tour brings you along a fun-filled trip through Punggol Park, Pasir Ris Beach, Lorong Halus and Coney Island! While on tour, you might even be lucky enough to catch a sighting of monitor lizards, hornbills and otters! Ride with them here!

Singapore tourism

Photo from The Cycle Start Up

You might even want to try a relaxing tour around the Northeastern banks of Singapore on a two-hour Kelong tour, courtesy of letsgosingapore! Prices start at $450 per session for 5 people per boat. Experience Singapore from a different perspective and check out their website here!

Enjoy a good scare or a thrilling mystery

If you’re into paranormal activity, this tour is for you! Check out Creepy Tales of Singapore for tours packed full of adventure with ghost hunting, cemetery walkthroughs and war stories that will keep you up all night. Book a tour now!

Get your thinking caps on and join in on a head-scratching mystery tour with Mystery Sleuths! Starting at $50, a group of 2-5 people will have to work together to find the serial killer on the loose in Chinatown! Get ready to get sucked into a bone chilling mystery mania and solve your way to victory! Check out their website here!

The crowd favorite, STAYCATIONS!

Singapore tourism

Photo from Grand Hyatt Singapore

Get the package of a lifetime as hotels partner up with local tourist attractions to really get your money’s worth!

Grand Hyatt Singapore, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and Fairmont Singapore are brewing up special offers just for their beloved guests! Stay in one of their luxurious suites, and reward yourself after a hard day’s work! Don’t miss your chance to try their complementary Halal style breakfast and other amenities! Check out their one of a kind offers for Grand Hyatt Singapore,  for Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, and for Fairmont Singapore.

Millennium Hotels and Wildlife Reserves Singapore also has the ultimate weekend getaway up their sleeves! They’ve prepared an offer that includes a staycation, plus activities like private buggy tours of Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park! They could even arrange for guests to befriend orangutans and pandas with the hotel’s Millennium Wild Experience Staycation packages! Check out their wild offerings here!

Hotel Michael is giving guests a run for their money! For 2-3 days, starting at $719, guests will not only get the royal treatment during their stays at the hotel, but they will enjoy activities like trips to the Sea Aquarium and get the Cable Car Sky dining experience! This package is good for 2 persons and is available here!


Adrenaline-pumping THRILLS!

Singapore tourism

Photo from National University of Singapore

Visit the popular Universal Studios Singapore and have a thrilling experience with their many rides and 4D attractions! Take pictures with Elmo and his Sesame Street friends, and have a good fright with the Shark Ride and the Mummy! It costs $81 for adults and $61 for the kids! Find out more about their attractions here!

If you feel like doing something even crazier then check out Sky Park by AJ Hackett! Ride the Giant Swing and enjoy the view from 40 meters above the ground. Or if you think you’re up for it, why not try bungee jumping off of a 50 meter tower? Group packages start at $99 and swinging solo is $49 for the swing and $69 for bunjee jumping! Check out more of their thrilling activities here!

Head on to Mega Adventure and experience nature from a whole new perspective! Zipline down Imbiah Hill to Siloso Beach, a man-made beach paradise! After this heart-racing experience, dare to try other fun activities that this attraction has to offer! They have Megajump, Megabounce, and Megaclimb to add to their awesome list of activities. Check out their website


Indoor activities

Singapore tourism

Photo from Pexels

There are also fun adventures to explore indoors. Be the pilot of your own Boeing aircraft, and fly all around the world in a world class aircraft! Have a blast with the flight simulator located in 30 Raffles Avenue #02-06, and experience first-hand how it feels like to maneuver your way through the clouds. Check them out in their site here!

Beat the heat and try Singapore’s magical land of Snow City! Meet their friendly local snowman,  enjoy playing in an igloo and sliding like a penguin on the arctic snow slide! They also have a newly developed winter shooting arena where you get to go head to head with your friends and family in a friendly game of paintball! Check out the winter wonderland here!
Singapore tourismAirzone is the place to be when you’re a kid at heart! Enjoy the world’s first suspended playground, that’s around 2 to 5 stories high! Join exciting games like giant inflatable soccer, go through 3D mazes and enjoy their amazing slides! Unleash your inner kid and don’t forget to check them out in their website!

This list is only the tip of the iceberg! There are over 200 tourist attractions that have partnered up with this initiative, including other tourist attractions and staycation spots that are brewing up special offers and deals. But before anyone gets too excited, there are a few facts people need to know about the vouchers!

Every Singaporean citizen over 18 will get the free voucher to use on special deals and treats that tourism companies have prepared. Children will also get a $10 subsidy for attractions and tours, and an adult may claim 6 of these tickets in total. The vouchers will only be in effect from the start of December 2020 until the end of June 2021. Also, it will not be available for food, beverages and retail purchases, as they are meant to boost the tourism sector and are kept simple for everyone’s convenience. Lastly, the vouchers will be given in increments of $10 via Singpass to prevent the extorting of vouchers, and the Singapore Tourism Board will be calling someone to monitor the claiming of the vouchers.

Singaporeans generally have mixed feelings about this initiative as the government has already given them enough resources over the past few months to be able to get back on their feet. Some say that they don’t agree with what the government is doing because it’s just a waste of time and effort, while others believe that this will improve the economy of Singapore. When asked about the $100 voucher, locals are well aware of it but unfazed. They don’t seem too excited, but they will definitely be using it in December for a relaxing staycation in the hotels. All in all, the Singaporean government has proved once again that they support their people while doing a great job maintaining the beauty that is Singapore.

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