The viral stray dog in a Taguig mall becomes an official guard dog

by Matthew Escosia
Vista Mall Stray Dog
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By: Patricia Yap 


The video of a stray dog in Vista Mall Taguig went viral when netizens praised a security guard’s kind treatment of escorting it outside. Today, the dog is no longer a stray and is now a guard dog in the mall!

“Dogdog”, the viral stray in the video, apparently has an owner named Rico Bucan Suco who works in the mall himself. According to Suco he was very happy when Dogdog was offered a job as a guard dog in Vista Mall, wherein Dogdog will be provided food in exchange for his services.

Vista Mall Stray Dog

Photo from One News

Ang alaga ko pong aso ay napakabait po. Isa po siya sa kilalang aso dito sa isang mall na pinagtatrabahuhan ko. Kilala po siya kasi lagi po siyang nakahiga sa entrance po ng mall. Nagpapalamig po (My pet dog is really good. He’s one of the known dogs in the mall I work for. He’s known by everyone because he always lies in front of the mall entrance to cool himself off),Suco said. “Siya po ay hindi nangangagat. Kahit po bata. Marami pong customers namin ay nagbibigay ng pagkain sa kanya (The dog doesn’t bite, not even the children. A lot of our customers even give him food), Suco added. 

From ONE CAVITE’s Facebook post, One News reporter Jedrian San Juan captured the scene where the Vista Mall security guards were being briefed together with the viral stray dog. 

On November 20, Facebook user Jan Mart Calimpong took and posted the video on his Facebook account, not knowing it would go viral. Calimpong said he simply found the interaction admirable and wrote, “To the Vista Mall Taguig management, I commend you for this. Ang cute kasi parang nainitan na talaga si doggy sa labas (The dog was so cute. It seemed like it was really affected by the heat outside)”.  

Netizens who saw the video praised the “kindhearted” security guard for not using force or violence towards Dogdog. The security guard slowly approached the dog, petted it, then propped it gently on its forelegs before leading it outside.

Now, the viral video has over 94,000 reactions and 5,300 comments. 

Vista Mall Stray Dog

Photo from One News

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