JobStreet reveals first-ever brand evolution for its 25th year

by Matthew Escosia
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JobStreet finally unveils its brand evolution, a first for the online job portal which is celebrating its 25th year this 2020.

JobStreet’s new recalibration includes new upgrades for its platform to “empower aspiring job seekers and employers with jobs that matter,” comprised of a new brand logo, look, personality, and a new mobile application, tailored to be more streamlined and responsive for both jobseekers and hirers.

In line with these changes, JobStreet has embarked on a transformation that promises to become even more customer-centric, more digital savvy, and more insights-led.

When asked about JobStreet’s brand evolution, SEEK Asia Chief Executive Officer Peter Bithos had this to say: “JobStreet is evolving to what people need – a career partner.  A partner they can turn to and trust through these unique and challenging times. A partner who remains committed to innovation, evolution, and great customer value. Jobs are at the forefront of the economy. And JobStreet is the frontliner of economic recovery. ”

“JobStreet’s purpose remains stronger and more relevant than ever – to improve lives through better careers,” Bithos added.

To see the brand evolution in action visit


Since its founding in 1995, JobStreet has continued to evolve to more than just an online job platform. JobStreet remains the number 1 talent sourcing partner in Asia with the greatest number of candidates, having 30 million candidates and over 570,000 hirers, an average of 15 million visits to their websites every month and over 600,000 job opportunities available at any given time. JobStreet has also produced data-driven job reports vital during the onset of the pandemic, providing the public and private sectors with up-to-date employment statistics, inspirational support, and industry insights. Visit their website for more news and updates.

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