Super Nintendo World is opening in February 2021

by Matthew Escosia
Super Nintendo World
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By: Patricia Yap  


Attention all Nintendo fans, the 5-year-long wait is over as Super Nintendo World opens its gates on February 4, 2021!

Aptly named “Super Nintendo Land”, the crossover zone collaboration between Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo is finally coming to fruition at the famed theme park in Osaka, Japan. Fans all over the world were caught off guard by the sudden announcement because the project was first expected to open later in Spring.

According to Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo, the main attraction for Super Nintendo Land will be the Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster called “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge”.

Super Nintendo World

Loyal fans of the racing game no longer have to drive virtually through their handheld devices, but can now experience the thrill of racing against the Mario characters and zipping through the complicated and visually-stimulating tracks in real life.

Although riders cannot actually drive freely, they’ll still experience what it’s like to be inside the karts and have shells “thrown” at them. This experience is made possible with the use of AR and projection mapping technology, where theme park goers will suit up with AR headgears shaped like Mario’s iconic red hat.

Super Nintendo World

“We will bring the story to life with Nintendo’s very compelling characters—Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach—and we will immerse our guests into the world of Nintendo with augmented reality headset,” said the roller coaster’s Executive Producer Thomas Geraghty.

The headgears will also be sanitized after every use in accordance with strict COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Guests will join their favorite characters immersed in augmented reality, steering their way through the Mushroom Kingdom, throwing shells at Koopalings, as they race to finish,” he added.

The roller coaster is located in Bowser’s castle, another grand attraction in the theme park. Bowser’s castle is a large-scale reconstruction and replica of the in-game one, wherein theme park goers can climb the castle’s grand staircase to reach Bowser’s gigantic bronze statue. On the way up, the corridors are lined with Bowser’s many vain portraits and emblems of the Mario Kart series that fans can rave about.

Super Nintendo World

Other attractions and areas to visit include Lemmy’s Tire Service repair shop, a Trophy room for photo-ops, and even a soon-to-launch Donkey Kong-theme area. Visitors can also experience something technologically unique with the “Power Up Bands” that they can link to a special mobile application.

Last month, fans were already treated to a sweet surprise when a Mario-themed cafe and store opened. The shop comes complete with exclusive merchandise and uniquely-themed food variants.

For now, Japanese borders are still closed to foreign tourists and the theme park will only operate at a 50% capacity. The Japanese Government plans to open up the country by Spring 2021.

Once this is all over, tourists all over the world have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Are you excited about this news? Will you go to Super Nintendo World when it opens? Let us know in the comments.


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