High Five Games to Play with your Friends

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Ricca Sy


It’s been months since we’ve been to any real gatherings with our barkada. These days, we’re mostly on video calls with our friends, trying to make do with bad internet connections, loud background noises and choppy audio. As we try to adapt to the new normal, we’ve started depending more on technology to cope – musicians are performing live on social media, movie festivals are held online, meetings are done through Zoom calls, and even playing online games together have become a new way to hang out with friends. Many developers have come up with different games for people to enjoy, and there are also companies who have introduced brilliant ways to bring their services to people virtually.

Here is a list of games and activities anyone could enjoy!




Image from Maggie Chen

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is the biggest elephant in the room this 2020, and no doubt it can also be turned into the biggest game of the year. Covidopoly is a twist to the modern classic game of Monopoly Deal, with (of course) COVID-19-themed elements. The goal is to complete 3 sets of properties while trying to avoid getting bankrupt.

With cute sound design, aesthetically pleasing visuals, and its current topical relevance, people can’t seem to get over just how fun the game is. “Honestly, this is such a good game to play with people who are game to play it. I really like the design and how they really themed up the places and cards to be COVID-19 pandemic-related,” shared one player.

Another player echoed the previous sentiments, saying “A game of Covidopoly is never set in stone. Even when a player seems like they are about to win, there are enough cards in the game to keep things interesting, and at times can completely swing momentum.”

Play Covidopoly with unlimited number of friends here!


Among Us


Image from InnerSloth

This version of the popular Werewolf or Mafia game has taken the world by storm. The goal is to complete your tasks and try to figure out who the impostor is among your crewmates. Among Us is a fun, adrenaline-pumping game that will have you debating with your friends all night about who the impostor really is!

Since it gained the attention of the general public this year, Among Us has received overwhelming positive reviews and could possibly be one of the most popular current games to play. When asked to share their experience with the game, one player said, “I love that game! I’ve been playing it a lot since September and I love how I could play with anyone even if I don’t know them. I’ve made a lot of new friends through this game, even if it gives me trust issues (kidding)! But yes, looking forward to the new updates!”

Another player shared, “I like playing Among Us, especially on call with my friends! When I first played it, I low-key felt emotional because it looked like my friends and I were just in one room and that’s really the ‘closest’ I’ve been to them since the lockdown.”

Download Among Us on the App Store or Google Play, or play it on online platforms.



Image from Henry Smith

This is your chance to fly your very own spaceship with friends, but beware of asteroids and other strange anomalies! Can you fly your way through all the obstacles without getting hurt? Spaceteam is a cooperative game where players have to communicate tasks to other members of the ship crew while doing their own tasks to keep their spaceship on course. Join in on the thrill and get ready to be on the edge of your seat when playing this amazing game!

Spaceteam has been floating under the radar for years now, but people who’ve played it vouch for its entertainment value, as they often end up in screaming matches, and eventually end up stressed from asteroids hitting their shuttles!

“It’s a game that’s all about having fun in the chaos of a spaceship, but not the best game to play over video call. Video call lag makes this game hard to play over the internet,” a player shared

Download it here from the App Store and here from Google Play.



Image from www.spyfall.app

Ask questions to figure out which one of your friends is the spy! Spyfall is another version of the classic Werewolf/Mafia game. Players are randomly given their own unique occupations and one common location, except for one player – the spy. Players will then have to ask each other questions about their occupations or about the location to find out who the spy is, while the spy asks questions to figure out what the location is. Since the spy doesn’t know the location, all the other players will have to be discreet so that the spy doesn’t deduce the location from their answers. Once the time is up and the spy guesses the location, the spy wins. But if everyone else figures out who the spy is before they reveal the location, the spy loses.

Although this game isn’t quite as popular as the other games, it’s still fun to try with friends! One of the players shared how absorbing the game is, saying “Spyfall really brings out the creative liar in each player! Used to be able to play this game till 4 in the morning with my friends!”

Play this secretive yet witty game, and try to outsmart the spy here!




Image from HAL 9000 bot

If you like doodling then this game is for you! Skribbl is a guessing game where players take turns drawing a randomly generated word and guessing what the word is based on the drawing. Gain points by guessing what the word is before other players, or if you’re the drawer, do your best to draw something that resembles what the word is describing. If the players guess your drawing correctly, you will get more points.

This is another fan favorite to play during the quarantine, especially because players enjoy the challenge of doodling something from memory. When asked about why they like playing Skribble, a player said, “It’s another fun game! I play this game more often with my friends. It’s funny at times too, especially when people get so confused on how the drawing resembles the chosen word. Good laughs!” Another interviewee also shared, “The game is basic but fun when played with the right people. It’s such a go-to game because of the easy access of just a link, the fact that it’s free, and that we don’t need to download anything to play it.”

Join in on the fun and get your creative juices flowing by playing Skribbl here!


Don’t let the quarantine ruin quality time with friends! Challenge yourself with these innovative games and find new ways to hang out with your barkada, even virtually.

Do you have online games that you love playing with your friends? Share it with us in the comments section below!


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