This Cambodian fitness class allows you to do yoga while drinking beer

by Matthew Escosia
Beer Yoga
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Two of the world’s favorite stress reliever, yoga and beer, merges in a fitness class organized by a Cambodian brewery to help people cope up with stress from COVID-19.

TwoBirds Craft Beer, a brewery in Phnom Penh, developed their “beer yoga” classes to guide people in relaxing and practicing their balance.

They launched the program in December 2020 to relieve everyone’s stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, before undergoing full operations this January after Cambodia has documented zero COVID deaths.

“It’s all about the fun,” BeerPro Import Export Co. (which owns TwoBirds) General Manager Connor Cheney Kirsch shared in an interview with Reuters.

“If you fall over, or something, nobody is going to look at you in a strange way. It’s all about the fun,” Kirsch added.

Sreyline Bacha, a participant of TwoBirds’s yoga class, says that she has “more fun with it. It’s not as serious as traditional yoga. We are with friends and say ‘cheers’ and sip beer and that makes me feel very happy.”

The class’ instructor Anna described the activity, noting that “it’s not like a real yoga practice, it’s more like a gathering with friends, incorporating yoga moves for entertainment.”

For more information about TwoBirds Craft Beer and their classes, visit their official Facebook page here.

Featured photo from Hong Menea

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