McDonald’s Defines “Simplicity At Its Finest” With New Look

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - McDonald's
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By: Monique Espino


The new design dons bright and modern colors and very easy-to-recognize graphic icons that instantly remind you of the fast-food chain’s classic menu. This change in design was said to be done to resonate with the “innate joy of McDonald’s.”

Hamish Campbell, one of the creative partners of McDonald’s for this initiatiMcDonald’s revealed a new face to the public with a simpler take on their iconic look. He stated that “The beauty of the system is that it draws on the recognition of iconic equities from McDonald’s and their menu through the combination of playful illustrations, modern colours and the product name – nothing more than there needs to be.”

If there’s anything to remember about the new look, Campbell summarizes it in these three words: telegraphic, bold and simple.

SEA Wave - McDonald's

The revamp with the packaging is said to be in parallel with the brand refresh as their flagship restaurant at Chicago and on Times Square have also recently redesigned its interiors.

Be excited to see the new designs for yourself the next time you have a meal at McDonald’s restaurants as it is set to be introduced to all of its global restaurants.


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