Brace Yourself, Your Favorite Group of ‘Friends’ is Reuniting One More Time!

by Matthew Escosia
Friends Reunion
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By: Bianca Velasquez


It’s been 17 years since the last episode of Friends aired, and more than a year since the cast announced a special reunion. Now, it’s finally happening! For 10 seasons, this group has served us loads of laughter, so it’s been every fan’s dream to see them back on screen. In fact, they have already teased us with a reunion when Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox came together for a surprise mini-reunion at the Emmys last September 2020, so it was only a matter of time before fans clamored for more.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this won’t be a new original episode of the sitcom, but rather an hour-long special featuring the cast of Friends revisiting the set and reminiscing the memories they’ve built together by sharing stories and watching behind-the-scenes footage from the show. “There’s nothing scripted. We’re not in character. We’re all ourselves, the real people,” said David Schwimmer on The Graham Norton Show.

Friends Reunion

And of course, it won’t be a Friends reunion without the original cast! All six members of the gang will be appearing in this special – Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Courteney Cox (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and David Schwimmer (Ross). Not only will they appear on screen all together, but they will all be executive producers for the special too! There is no official release date yet, but the official Friends Instagram account announced that they finished filming last April 11, 2021.

The Friends reunion special will be released exclusively on HBO Max, and in the meantime, you can watch all 236 episodes of the series there too!

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of “Pivot” or “The One with Unagi.” Let us know what you are looking forward to about the Friends reunion below!

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