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by Matthew Escosia
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By: Arnon Sibulo


When it comes to the world stage, not much is known about Vietnamese films unlike their Korean and Japanese counterparts. Recently, however, Vietnamese filmmakers and distributors are looking curb this reputation by gaining success in foreign markets.

Bo Gia (“Old Father”) is a film about Sang, an aging motorcycle rider who lives in a low-income neighborhood. Although Sang is poor and suffers from an illness, he always sacrifices himself for his family. The film resonated with audiences and shattered box office records, becoming the fastest-selling Vietnamese movie to hit VND 100 billion (USD 4.3 million).

Bo Gia was released last March 3, but due to its popularity growing internationally, it was released in Singapore and Malaysia in April 22. Based on the global box office revenue tracker Box Office Mojo, Bo Gia placed 38th in the chart with a revenue of USD 17 million.
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Another Vietnamese movie in the Box Office Mojo international rankings is Lat Mat 5: 48H (“Face off: 48 Hours”), an action comedy film about a family trying to escape from a gang chasing them. The movie ranked 58th on the global rankings with a revenue of USD 6 million. Earlier in 2019, Lat Mat 4 was distributed in other countries like the US, Canada, Australia and India where it did well, which is why the producer is looking to enter Lat Mat 5: 48H in foreign markets as well.

Vietnamese horror film Thien Than Ho Menh (“The Guardian Angel”) is another movie that was announced for international release. The movie is about a young woman who comes across a doll that helps her become a famous entertainer. Suddenly, mysterious deaths happen around her as she struggles to find out what is happening. Thien Than Ho Menh premiered last April 30 and was also announced for a world premiere in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Australia, America, Canada, UK and other countries.

Based on their quality, popularity and revenue, Vietnamese films have undeniable potential in the global market and we might be looking at a possible boom of international Vietnamese blockbusters in the near future.

What Vietnamese movie are you looking forward to this 2021? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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