Korean Cultural Center unveils exciting line-up for June, including a K-Drama Scriptwriting webinar

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines - KCC
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The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) has released their line-up of activities for the month of June!

KCC will be hosting a talk on K-drama scriptwriting on its official YouTube channel in partnership with the Korean Embassy. The one-day webinar will feature scriptwriters and experts who will talk about South Korean dramas, including how the industry approaches global promotions and marketing. Special prizes also await viewers who will be joining the K-Drama scriptwriting webinar, which is happening this June 30.

KCC is also holding a digital talk and cooking series entitled “ChikaHansik: Kimchi Edition” hosted by Kring Kim. The show will feature special guests and will teach viewers how to cook kimchi sinigang and classic Korean dishes like kkakdugi beokkeumbap, kimchi jeon, and budae jjigae. Episodes for “ChikaHansik” will premiere every Friday of June at 5PM on KCC’s YouTube channel.

For those who are interested to learn about the Korean language, KCC announced that their “Along with K-Culture: Meet the K-Stans in the Philippines” episode for June, will be putting K-education on the forefront. The episode will discuss the growing popularity of the Korean language and the passion of K-culture enthusiasts and fans in learning it. The new “K-Stans” episode will drop this June as well on the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines’ YouTube Channel.

And finally, as a prelude to their 10th anniversary this July, KCC is launching the KCC Throwback Photo & Essay Contest, which aims to look back at the decade that has been for the organization here in the Philippines. Some prizes to be given away include PHP 5,000 cash, a KCC gift bag, and a feature on KCC’s SNS pages.

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Image from KCC

Are you excited for KCC’s lineup of events this month? Follow the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines on their official Facebook page to learn more about their June activities and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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