Korean Thriller “Voice 4” Arrives on iQiyi This June

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - iQiyi - Voice Season 4 K-Drama - Song Seung Heon
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The South Korean thriller “Voice” series is about to launch its fourth season! The latest season brings the audience to a whole new different setting in Jeju Island. “Voice 4” stars Song Seung Heon as Derek Jo, a Korean-American policeman who belongs to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) who came to Jeju island to investigate the death of his sister.

At the recently held press conference, director Shin Yonghui and actor Song Seung Heon both admitted that they felt great pressure joining this highly-popular series. According to Seung Heon, despite his acting experience, the pressure is still above ninety percent, especially when the male leads from the past three seasons did such a fantastic job. Yet, the script seems interesting, so he was happy to take over the role.

He also humorously shared that even he had no transfer experience during his school time, but joining the cast makes him wonder if it feels the same way. He said that he had a nightmare before shooting, afraid of being excluded by the crew. Fortunately, he adapted smoothly because Lee Ha Na and the others were very helpful after he officially joined.

SEA Wave - iQiyi - Voice Season 4 K-Drama - Kang Seung yoon Son Eun Seo Lee Ha Na Song Seung Heon

Lee Ha Na, who has always been the main protagonist of the “Voice” film series, said that whether the “Voice 4” series or the character Jiang Kwon Joo will always be her most representative work/character in her life. Thanking for the participation of Song Seung Heon and Jiang Sheng-Yun, witnessing their hard work on the scene reminds her of her original intention. Li Ha Na also shared that  Song Seung Heon’s script has been rotten through pages, and there are plenty of notes on it. She felt ashamed compared to his hard work and wanted to hide her own script, but this also tells how seriously  Song Seung Heon had prepared for his work.

Kang Seung-Yoon, a member of “Winner” (K-pop boy band group and from Prison Playbook) has done an outstanding job in acting these years. He had experience playing criminal roles in the past, and he was thrilled to finally play the role of justice as a police officer for the first time. Sun Eun-Seo, who joined the “Voice” series since the first season, praised Sheng-Yun for always bringing good vibes to the set, and that benefits her a lot.


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