High Five: Astrology Apps to Discover your Stars

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Astrology Apps to Discover Your Stars
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By: Shaina Semaña


The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars; do you ever think that they’re more than just big chunks of rock or masses of gas in space? That they could be something more about the stars and moon placements that can actually affect our personalities, careers, relationships and everything about our lives? Well, if you do, I’m quite sure that you are a believer of the wonderful thing called astrology.

Astrology’s roots can be traced from as early as 2nd millennium BCE, when ancient cultures like the Maya and Greeks, started to study celestial bodies and movements to further understand human affairs. But it was only in the 21st century when astrology has become a cult favorite among millennials and zillennials (something to close the emerging generation gap, right?) – thanks to the ever reliable power of social media and the rise of astrology memes.

As more and more people turn to astrology as part of their beliefs – and mind you, some people are really passionate about their placements dictating their career and relationship decisions – some are still skeptical about it. And so, there will always be a debate of whether astrology is real or not.

But even so, there are people just like me who will be drawn to the idea of the universe conspiring to tell you a story, whether it’s backed with scientific evidence or not. There will always be some sort of curiosity surrounding the subject of astrology, especially when the readings and horoscopes hit a little close to home.

So, whether you’re a true believer or just someone who wants to satisfy their curiosity, or even if you’re a skeptic who needs some convincing, here’s our High Five list of astrology apps you need to download to get you started.


SEA Wave - Astrology Apps - Nebula

Nebula really is quite simple – after signing up and registering your birth details, you will be given a profile where all the details of your birth chart will be seen. It can be considered as a basic and less personal astrology app as it lets you read about the basics of your chart: from your signs down to your planets, and even the language it uses is quite common among most astrology apps or websites. Still, it’s a good app to get you started if you’re not in deep yet with astrology readings.

Star Feature: Nebula has an Astrologers tab where users have the option to chat with an astrologer. The tab has a list and short profile of astrologers from around the world. Users can choose among them and top up payment in the app in order to chat with them. Through the app’s paid subscription, users can also unlock different lessons to expand their astrology knowledge and even a course on palm reading.


SEA Wave - Astrology Apps - Co-STar

With about 20 million combined App Store and Google Play downloads and over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Co-Star is probably the most popular astrology app in the list. The app stays true to its tagline of “hyper-personalized social astrology experience” with lengthy and detailed daily readings, which is divided in sections making it easier for readers to digest. Aside from all its wonderful features, what makes Co-Star a fan favorite are the very relatable memes and captions it posts in its Instagram account – all expressed in its distinctive black-and-white aesthetic. Because, let’s be honest, the best part of astrology are actually the self-attacking truths behind our signs and Co-Star perfectly captures those in their well-curated memes.

Star Feature: Co-Star has a Chaos Mode where you can write yourself or a friend a note, about anything you feel like telling yourself or them at that exact moment. Then, Co-Star will keep this note and will choose the right time to remind you about the said note in a special notification, turning the dial up a notch on its hyper-personalized features.


SEA Wave - Astrology Apps - Sanctuary

Sanctuary features a format which is quite similar to a messaging app, complete with fun emojis and accurate gifs. By clicking the prompted responses, it would seem like you are actually talking to an expert or psychic, as the language is very conversational and light too. It is also the perfect app for astrology newbies. Not only does it give you short but sweet daily horoscopes, it also has a Guide tab which is basically a compact encyclopedia of all stars and signs: from the big three, modalities, retrogrades, and even a guide to the 12 houses.

Star Feature: Sanctuary gives you a glimpse of tarot reading too! Its daily horoscope includes tarot reading from a card that the app specifically pulled for you. You can also extend your daily reading by getting an in-app purchase where you can chat with an actual psychic. Plus, Sanctuary’s daily horoscope is also available on Parcast Spotify so you can listen to it at your convenience!

The Pattern

SEA Wave - Astrology Apps - The Pattern

At first glance, The Pattern doesn’t seem like an astrology app. It has no mention of the sun, moon, and ascendant – It doesn’t even tell you your sign after signing up. But, like most apps, you’ll be asked for your natal chart information which will be used to curate a personality assessment for you. And that’s the catch. The Pattern’s personality assessment is deemed to be too accurate, it’s almost as if it had a peek into your diary. Some may find the accuracy a bit eerie but that is exactly the app’s charm and why it’s a favorite of some, including me. Similar to Co-Star, The Pattern has a social feature where you can add your friends and view your similarities, even your compatibility as friends or romantically.

Star Feature: The app features a Question for the Day tab where The Pattern posts a question, starting a conversation from all users across the app. Not only can you share your own answer but you can also view others’ responses and interact with them by liking and replying – expanding one’s personal outlook through taking others’ experiences in consideration.


SEA Wave - Astrology Apps - Chani

From the author and celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas, Chani combines astrology and mindfulness to help people find and live their purpose. It takes your birth chart and analyzes it to come up with daily and weekly readings that are meant to inspire you to bring out your full potential every day. Its horoscope readings are written in the first person POV, making it more personal and empowering. The app also draws a tarot card to supplement the astrology reading, just like the Sanctuary.

Star Feature: Chani has an Astroweather 7-Day Forecast where the users are given a glimpse of what their mood will be. The forecast is expressed through fun emojis along with a very short caption that is easy to understand. It has a paid subscription as well which offers even more extensive features like daily podcasts and workshops.

So, let this be your sign (wink) to get into astrology! Whether you’re a believer of astrology or still a bit skeptical of the wonders of heavenly bodies, these apps will surely give you a good boost of motivation every day. Take your pick and head to your phone to download the best app for you!

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