Ben&Ben goes global with their collaboration with Day6’s Young K in “Leaves”

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Ben&Ben Young K Leaves
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By: Narah Faigal


As a response to the rise of Filipino local pop culture merging with the K-Pop wave, band group Ben&Ben has unveiled their collaboration with Day6’s Young K in a reimagined version of the former’s hit song, “Leaves.”

SEA Wave - Ben and Ben Young K Leaves

The local Filipino band first announced the collaboration on Twitter, which excited both Liwanags (Ben&Ben fans) and MyDays (Day6) fans for the possible interaction between the two talented bands.

The band further explained the message they want to send across through their collaboration, highlighting the lyric “All will be alright in time”.

Ben&Ben and Young K’s collaboration has been recently released on all digital music-streaming platforms and have trended on different social media sites. With the interaction from the two musicians, the original Filipino song has taken its peak in different global platforms, including popular music sites in South Korea, Melon. The song has also been recognized as Spotify’s Pop Rising in Korea, as well as becoming a hit song in countries like, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Additionally, Ben&Ben had activities that continued the hype of their collaboration with the K-Pop artist. They held an Instagram live with Young K, explaining the process of their collaboration, alongside a friendly chat with their fans to get to know each other more. This gave both parties the opportunity to learn about each other’s culture, heavily highlighting the differences of how the band and music industry is seen in their localities. Young K has also mentioned, in the live, that this was the first time he has collaborated with a group of Filipino musicians.

At the end of their release day, Ben&Ben also released a music video of their collaboration. You can check out their collaboration here.

Truly, with this musical collaboration, the power of storytelling never falters, as Ben&Ben and Young K finds their way to be united in music, despite the current situation of the pandemic.

Were you inspired by the wonderful collaboration between Ben&Ben and Day6’s Young K? Leave a comment below!

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