This new dating app lets you connect with people who share a love for video games

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Bianca Velasquez


When looking for your match, sharing the same interests as someone else is always a great starting point! With Kippo, everyone on the application shares the same love for all sorts of video games. Gaming culture has been on the rise especially since the pandemic has everyone staying home but staying connected through social media and technology. The creators of Kippo wanted to take this connection to the next level by allowing them to form relationships with the people behind the screens, making this the best personalized app for gamers out there!

Daily dot breaks down the dating app for us to understand how it works and what sets it apart from all the other dating applications on the market. Mashable rated Kippo the number one dating app for gamers and Digital Trends rated it the number one dating app for 2020. What makes Kippo different from others is the algorithm which is built on the foundation of sharing the same hobbies and interests with others instead of physical appearances. This allows you to be completely yourself and show off your unique personalities!

One of the reasons that makes this dating app unique and well-catered to the gaming community is because the creators are also gamers! They understand the needs and wants of that community, and they ensure the safety of the users by constantly monitoring the behavior and troll profiles. The interface of this app is designed to be completely interactive – like a game! Customization features are also readily available to make sure that you get to express yourself the best way possible. Aside from these, one of the best things about the app is that you can clearly state your intention being on the platform. Looking for a friend? Looking for someone to play a game with? Looking for your perfect match? Kippo helps you find what you are looking for and understand the intentions of other users as well! This way, your feelings stay protected! On top of this, the app is free to use! There are paid membership plans that come with additional perks but your chosen plan could be customized to your frequency of usage.

Kippo is relatively new, seeing that it came out in 2019. Because of the low user pool, the best thing that can be done at the moment is to share the news to your friends and gaming community! This dating application has definitely given rays of hope to the online dating app community because standards have been evolving from first-glance physical attraction to humanistic connections and getting to know the personalities of the other person.

Are you excited to grow the community in your local neighborhoods? Share us your thoughts about the Kippo dating app in the comments below and share the news to your friends!

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