“Rick and Morty” teases live-action special with Christopher Lloyd

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Rick and Morty Live-Action Episode Christopher Lloyd
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One of the biggest shockers of the year is the surprise series of Rick and Morty clips released by Adult Swim featuring Christopher Lloyd as Rick and Jaeden Martell as Morty—in live-action form!

By the time of its upload, fans of the show wonder what the clip entails, considering that the fifth season of Rick and Morty just released its final episode.

Could it be a teaser for season 6 or a live-action special? Removing all theories, fans would agree that this is a great call back to the Back to the Future films, which prominently starred Lloyd and is one of the biggest inspirations of the show.

Watch the clip here:

What are your thoughts on the live-action Rick and Morty clips released by Adult Swim? Share your reactions in the comments section below!

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