Horror x Vans: Get ready to walk in the shoes of horror classics

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Vans Horror Collection
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By: Pie Serrano


With Halloween just around the corner, skate shoe brand Vans has partnered up with Warner Bros to officially release a horror-themed collection featuring Stephen King’s It, The Shining, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and The Lost Boys.

SEA Wave - Vans IT

Image from Vans

The Horror x Vans collection creatively pays homage to horror classics that terrified the world. One shoe design features Stephen King’s 1986 novel It and mixes the vintage Vans black and white checkerboard design with Pennywise’s iconic red balloons. And for the final touch, the “you’ll float too” phrase is written by the shoe’s midsole.

SEA Wave - Vans Horror The Shining

Image from Vans

Meanwhile, another Stephen King classic, The Shining, dons Van’s trademark SK8-Hi hi-top with the cryptic “REDRUM” on the shoe’s midsole, written similarly as it was shown in the movie. The shoe comes in a striking yellow and black color, with Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny” pose superimposed on the film title in a repeating pattern.

SEA Wave - Vans Horror The Nightmare On Elm Street

Image from Vans

Who could forget Freddy Krueger’s sweater? The red and black striped sweater is featured on another SK8-Hi hi-top with blood splatters around the shoe, evoking the nightmarish mood of Nightmare on Elm Street.

SEA Wave - Vans Horror Friday The 13th

Image from Vans

Lastly, Jason Voorhees’ iconic hockey mask is the star of Vans’ slip-on sneaker. Red and white splatters cover the shoe for an ominous look to complete this tribute to Friday the 13th.

The Horror x Vans collection will be available in select Vans stores in the Philippines this October 2021.

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