Adorable “Heneral Tuna” is Here to Teach Filipino Values to Kids

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Heneral Tuna
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By: Dustin Angeles


Move over Heneral Luna – a new general has arrived to teach Filipino values to kids, and he’s adorable!

Meet Heneral Tuna, an alien cat general from Planet Mingming. His mission: to learn about Earth and gather information on how his species can invade the planet. However, Heneral Tuna had the luck of spending his time undercover in a Filipino household. There he learns about what it means to have family and friends around you and embrace the Filipino Culture and the values the we teach.

The animated series is produced by the NCCA or National Commision for Culture and the Arts with animation made by Rocketsheep Studios. Watch the trailer and episode 1 teaser below.

What are your thoughts on Heneral Tuna? Share it with us below!

Image from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts

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